Theme Save ‑ Backup your theme

Theme Save ‑ Backup your theme

作成: InsCoder Limited

Auto backs up theme files everyday

Long protection period

Backup your theme files everyday. We keep your backup for 100 days.

Protect your brand

Protecting your online store's brand and identity

Easy to use

Shopify theme backup is fully automated without any manual work required

Theme Save ‑ Backup your themeの詳細情報

Officially selected as New and Noteworthy app on Shopify app store

Why choose Theme Save?

This app saves a backup of your theme everyday and keeps each backup for 100 days; so that you can discard your changes and start again if you need to

Make sure you're prepared before the worst happens.

You have spent a lot of time and money developing your theme. You know this is important because the theme is your online store's brand and identity, it is what makes your online store look different than anyone else's on the internet.

Why does it matter?

Backing up a Shopify theme isn't exciting, but it's important. Unfortunately, many of us only realize how crucial it is when something goes catastrophically wrong. You've must have heard one of these stories - bad developers, buggy apps, employee making careless but catastrophic irreversible damage to the theme.

What does it do?

Theme Save helps you to protect this critically important asset of your online business.

What makes it unique?

The App automatically backs up all of your Shopify theme files everyday; so that you can restore them later or see how they looked in the past. It saves you time; because the Shopify theme backup is fully automated. It can be a life saver when you need one of your Shopify themes backed up. It gives your important e-commerce store an extra level of insurance.

Start using it and protect your Shopify theme today!

How to Install?

Click the big, green 'Add app' button above.

How to Setup?

No manual setup is required. The app automatically saves a backup of your theme everyday.

How many backups do we keep?

We keep the most recent 100 daily theme backups.

How to backup Shopify store?

Nothing special. Once installed, this app will do it automatically for you.



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The app did not exactly work right from the start. When you click on the app to review the download information it immediately loaded a page then disappeared. Then it reappears for 1 sec and was gone again. So I have no information when a backup happened, will happen or history. Its really hard to tell at the start if this thing works or not. How do I re-install the backup if something happens? It really miss its basic function

My Clothes Hanger

Excellent app, easy install, and you can't beat the price. Highly recommended.

Stingrayz Store Hk

Glad to have this little time machine for my online store. Very handy and extended beyond Shopify's 20 themes maximum by giving me 100 days of backup.