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Security Bollards Direct

Great theme, but the appalling customer service and delays in waiting for a reply to any problems make you wonder whether it is worth the extra money for priority support when in fact this is not the case. We are treated the same as everyone else, so why over promise and under deliver?
I had a fair response today, so will hold my hands up and move on. I get it and appreciate your response. Next time I will make sure I go down the right route when I try to contact your team, thanks for the explanation Sandbox, is much appreciated.

Developer reply

March 4, 2020

Hello Security Bollards Direct Team,

We’re sorry for the frustration here.

We do our best to respond to support requests within 24-48 hours (business days) however, it’s possible that there might be some delays caused by increased traffic.

I have reviewed your most recent correspondence with our support team. We’re sorry for the delay you experienced but it should be noted that the requests you sent to us were not sent through the Priority Support channel.

The Pro Plan subscription for the Theme Updater app grants you access to the Priority Support channel. To access this channel, you can open the Theme Updater app and select Actions > Contact Priority Theme Support.

If the support request is not sent through the app with the Contact Priority Theme Support button, your request will be sent to the general support queue, instead of the priority channel.

We have more information about accessing Priority Support for you here:

I hope this clears things up, please do not hesitate to reach out to us in the Priority Channel if you have any additional questions about the theme or the Pro Plan.

All the best,
The Out of the Sandbox Team

Haya Creations

Theme is good but there could be some basic enhancements for the price charged. First one is the mobile slider. There is no provision to upload mobile version of slider. Second, mobile filters are unorganised, they should be consolidated to show all tags such as Color, fabric etc.. under one filter and then sub-filters.

Developer reply

March 5, 2020

Hi there,

Andrew here from the Out of the Sandbox Support Merchant Advocate team. Thanks for taking the time to provide some feedback!

We can certainly take that into consideration and I'll pass that along to our development team to look into. I've sent along an email just to continue this conversation so that we can get a better idea of the goal with regards to the mobile slider and filters.

Just keep an eye out for my email!

All the best.


From a business owner to another, this is a risky move that you are making with your brand. Sure you get the money now, but is this really worth it in the long run, destroying your relationship with your existing customers.

The app was a great tool, which I'd gladly pay a little fee to update, but not as a subsciption.

ACU Precision Sheet Metal

This is our first theme from out of the sandbox (Turbo). I did not think this app would work based off of others; however, it updated my theme with only 4 lines of code needing to be manually converted over. Hopefully there will be more options for pricing in the future.

Developer reply

January 8, 2020

Hello ACU Precision Sheet Metal team,

Thank you for taking the time to leave that great review and we’re glad to hear the app worked well for you! We’re always looking to improve our support while also keeping the Updater App competitive in pricing and feature offerings. Hopefully the app continues to help you, and if you’re currently using the Pro plan, you can also take advantage of our Priority Support feature should anything come up!

If there’s anything else we can help with, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’d be happy to help!


The Out of the Sandbox team.


1 star not only for the app - but the shady practices of this company. We have all paid hundreds of dollars for your themes and now you expect us to subscribe to an app to update - these updates should be free and easy - they are mostly to fix bugs - I don't see why we should foot the bill for bugs that NEED fixing.

Developer reply

January 8, 2020

Hey there Spellhound team,

We just wanted to follow-up here to hopefully clear up any sort of confusion and also to lend a hand if there was anything else we could help with.

First and foremost, it’s worth noting that you do not need the app to update your theme. We will continue to offer free lifetime support and updates, however, there is a caveat to the updating process should you choose to do so via the app itself.

You have one year included for free with the Theme Updater App, however, after that, you'd need to subscribe to a Basic or Pro plan (which ranges from $9/month for Basic and $14/month for the Pro plan) in order to use the app. This doesn't mean that you can't update your theme however! You can still update the theme by downloading the latest theme file from your order and uploading the file that way, and then manually reconfiguring the theme - this is how all other Shopify themes are updated currently. The app itself is an optional method to updating your theme which can speed up the process, and the Pro plan also provides you with additional features such as priority support!

Hopefully that helps clear up any confusion, and please feel free to send us an email should anything come up!


The Out of the Sandbox team.

Eighty Sixed

This company is by far one of the shadiest companies in the app store. Beware.

The Basic Plan of this app was originally offered as FREE FOR LIFE - Everyone who purchased a theme based on this Free For Life Updates plan is now out of luck. You are forced to pay.

If you purchased one of their themes based on the fact that you'd be easily able to update your themes as Shopify makes changes, then guess what, now you suddenly have to pay for that service. The crass emails from support who claim that they can reserve the right to change prices adds more insult to injury. How can you justify selling themes for 300+ dollars, then charge monthly to keep those themes functional?

Avoid this company like the plague. Out of the sandbox and directly into to the litter box.

Developer reply

January 8, 2020

Hi there Eighty Sixed team,

Thanks for taking the time to reply and providing that feedback. While we can definitely understand the frustration with the changes made to the subscription model for the Theme Updater App, it’s important to note that we will still be providing free lifetime updates on all of our themes. If you choose not to use the Theme Updater app, you can still update your theme the free method following Shopify’s normal updating process, where the new version is added to your ‘Themes’ panel and reconfigured manually. This is how all themes are updated across Shopify as the Updater App is an exclusive feature/offering for our themes. 

You can find instructions here on how to access those files, depending on where you bought your theme:

Ultimately we will continue to offer free updates regardless of whether or not you choose to use the app. Hopefully that helps clear up any confusion, and please don’t hesitate to reach out should you have other questions regarding that or anything else!

Take care.


The Out of the Sandbox team

The Architectural Forum

I agree with the others - I purchased and always recommended outofthesandbox because of their vast knowledgebase and continual updates - but now along with paying for the themes we have to pay for the privilege to easily update - you're turning against your own loyal customers and moving goalposts - not cool

Developer reply

January 8, 2020

Hello The Architectural Forum,

Thank you for taking the time to review our app. We understand your frustration, but we wanted to follow up on this review to clarify a point regarding the update process.

Purchasing a theme comes with free updates for life. These free updates come in the form of brand new files of the latest version of the theme. The new version of the theme does need to be rebuilt, as is the standard process for updating any Shopify themes.

Our Theme Updater app was developed to provide a shortcut for updating. The app can update a copy of your theme while preserving your home page sections and theme editor settings.

We have recently implemented a subscription fee for the app, but all new theme purchases come with a free year of the app’s Basic Plan. The free year begins from the date the new theme file is registered in the app, a process which is necessary to unlock the updating feature.

So in short, any purchase of our themes comes with the guarantee of free updates for life following the normal Shopify procedure for updating. The app is also free for the first year with the theme, after which, a subscription is required to continue using the Theme Updater app.

We’d be happy to answer any additional questions you have regarding updating the themes, or any shop-specific questions you might have. You can reach out to our Help Centre here:

All the best,
The Out of the Sandbox Team

UPAN Frypan

This review is more for the Flex Theme as they deleted the review they request from me for their product. The issue I had with the Flex Theme is that it was full of bugs and didnt work, the issues I came accross with support are all repeated here in previous posts. There product is expensive and full of bugs, there support is very slow and very poor quality once they do reply , even to the point of being comical. I only wish I had read all these reviews first before shelling out the US$450.00. I did download and try it out, but it was only once running that the bugs started showing. I now only use it for the headers then use a page template. Im now currently looking for a different product to use that is also mobile friendly.

Developer reply

January 8, 2020

Hello UPAN Frypan,

We’re sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble with the Flex theme and we apologize for any frustration. Flex is our most recent theme release and we continue to improve it with each new update for the theme.

I have reviewed the contacts we’ve had with your shop from our Help Centre and I’m unable to find any outstanding issues. We apologize if you’ve had an unsatisfactory experience with our support team, we are committed to supporting our product and helping your shop in any way we can. We would be happy to review any issues you are having with the theme if you submit a support request to our Help Centre here:

I have visited your shop and I can see you are currently using version 1.1.2 of the Flex theme. We’ve recently released an update for the theme, v1.1.3 which resolves a few lingering bugs. I’d encourage you to update your theme to the latest version if you continue to have trouble with it.

Please do not hesitate to reach out, we are here to help!
The Out of the Sandbox Team

Marie Sharp's USA

This app is of no use for my store, which I imagine is much like your store; simple. The app could not update my theme, which had the most minimal customization's a store could have, a google and facebook pixel.

To update my theme, I can hire an developer for 8 hours or more for the work (which I verified with "Out of the Sandbox" support was typical and too be expected if you wanted to update any of their themes, after your first version), at a cost of $65 per hour and up.

Which brings up the bigger question, it is far cheaper to buy a theme from a company that has a better update process for their themes, or simple buy a brand new theme each time you want to take advantage of any new features offered in a newer release or update.

Either way, IMHO, why waste a penny on an app (or THEME) that is supposed to update my SITE, when it fails miserably and requires a developer to keep it going?

ALL "Out of the Sandbox" customers should take the time to voice their dissatisfaction to Tobi and the entire Shopify team, so that this company can be banned from providing THEMES for SHOPIFY STORES and CUSTOMERS.

Twitter is a great medium for reaching Tobi and the entire Shopify team, to let them know the type of bad actors they have operating within their platform, feeding off the good graces of Shopify customers.

Developer reply

January 8, 2020

Hello Marie Sharp's USA team,

The Theme Updater app was developed to provide a shortcut for updating our themes. The app will update a copy of your theme, preserving the home page sections and theme editor settings from your original theme file. The app can identify customizations made to the original theme files, and it will carry them over as long as the custom code doesn’t result in a conflict with the updated theme files.

If a theme file contains a significant amount of custom or third-party code, the app may not be able to include this third-party work in the updated version. When this happens, the app will display a list of files that contained third-party code that couldn’t be brought over in the update. From there, you’ll need to re-install the third-party code on your new version of the theme.

The app provides an alternative to the standard Shopify process of updating themes. With most Shopify themes, updating involves obtaining a brand new copy of the latest version. This new copy needs to be re-configured, you are essentially rebuilding your theme in each update.

In the standard process for updating Shopify themes, you would need to completely reinstall all code that was added to the previous version as you rebuild your brand new file. 

No matter which method of updating you are following, it’s recommended to keep detailed notes about the changes and additions made to your theme files so that you are prepared to reinstall any third-party code that the app couldn’t carry over.

We’d be happy to answer any additional questions you might have about updating, or about the theme in general. You can reach out to our Help Centre here:

Please do not hesitate to submit a support request. We are here to help in any way we can!

All the best,
The Out of the Sandbox Team


I just wanted to Upgrade from Turbo to Flex but not anymore. If you don't move back the pricing of the updater app to free plan and pro , like it was before, you will loose all your clients. I was told when purchased the Turbo theme that we have free updates forever, doing this manually is impossible. Especially when the previous version has glitches , and now we can't do anything without paying the extra buck.

Developer reply

January 9, 2020

Hi OchelariDirect — thank you sharing your feedback and concerns!

We understand that updating a Shopify theme by uploading the updated version and reconfiguring the settings can be time consuming, so we have been working hard on improving and maintaining the Theme Updater App, adding new features and support for more themes, and want to keep offering you the time-saving convenience of updating without needing to reconfigure your settings. We understand your grievance with the change in pricing, and hope the subscriptions options we're offering line up with how you value the app, so we can continue to offer you the fastest updating experience possible.

Regular updates via the standard Shopify updating process will remain free, and in addition to that, the first year of the TUA Basic plan is free with each theme registration. So if you do happen to upgrade to Flex, you would have a year of free use from the date you register your new theme!

Please feel free to reach out to us directly here: for any additional questions about the Theme Updater app, the Pro Plan or any other theme questions in general.

All the best,
The Out of the Sandbox Team