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Haya Creations

Theme is good but there could be some basic enhancements for the price charged. First one is the mobile slider. There is no provision to upload mobile version of slider. Second, mobile filters are unorganised, they should be consolidated to show all tags such as Color, fabric etc.. under one filter and then sub-filters.


From a business owner to another, this is a risky move that you are making with your brand. Sure you get the money now, but is this really worth it in the long run, destroying your relationship with your existing customers.

The app was a great tool, which I'd gladly pay a little fee to update, but not as a subsciption.

Glanzberg - Passion Wein

Last year in July 2018 I rated with 5 stars as you can see at the end of this now updated review. Changing to three stars now.

The numerous negative reviews of the last two days clearly show the displeasure of the users about the upcoming pricing model of OOTS for the Theme Updater App. And I can only agree as I’m angry as well.

While many of the reviewers mentioned technical issues with the Theme Updater App I can only report positive things from my experiences with two shops (both with the Turbo Theme). So far all updates with the free basic version of the app have worked without any problems at all.

But now to pay a monthly fee although there is an update available only each two or three months is nonsense in my view.
Anyway, also here it’s to dare, that it is possible to subscribe the moment if you want to do an update and then cancel the update immediately afterwards. So if you want to update your theme for example only two or three times a year, you can simply subscribe for two to three times a year for 30 days each! Instead of $108 you can end up with $18 or $27 per year. Due to this flexibility, my rating is not quite as negative.

But in one point I agree with most other users: Your support is regularily unsatisfactory. As already mentioned by other reviewers the friendly advice to contact one of your development partners seems unfortunately to be part of your standard procedure.

And even worse, I think that OOTS doesn't have any plan to support Shopify's recent possibility to state base prices. At least that’s the statement I received from the support. And this is beyond doubt not understandable, as base prices in Germany and many other European countries are mandatory by legal terms for numerous product types. It is incomprehensible that OOTS does not update the topics here accordingly and thus deliberately avoids a massive business potential in Europe.

Dear OOTS Team; you have mega cool themes, a fantastic Theme Updater App ... but the list of negative points is getting longer. The unsatisfactory support, the refusal to support this basic functionality of base prices, is now followed by a questionable licensing policy.
Too bad .... With thoughtful greetings from Germany.


Just fyi my former 5* rating from July 2018 before I made some negative experiences with the OOTS support and at a time while Updater Theme was fro free.

Super valuable App! Had our store running on Turbo theme v3.0.3 and performed upgrade to latest v.3.1.0 half an hour ago. Whole process of applying a new version incl. adoption of our tweaks and customization changes took approx 3-4 minutes. Afterwards, a manual adoption of language files was required as outlined in the app description. So, uploaded my used v.3.0.3 language files to TextWrangler editor and compared these two files to the v3.1.0 default files. Review of differences took another 5 minutes including applying required additions to new v3.1.0 language files. Overall, whole upgrade process done in less then 10 minutes. Couldn't be easier! Great app, OOTS-team.
Greetings from Germany.


No phone number for clients. Lame

Southshore Adornments

I like out of the sandbox, I paid a 3 figure sum for one that almost instantly became outdated and could not be updated without building it from scratch (edits + custom code, over 10 hours work) and am now finding alot of customers are seeing products as out of stock when they are in fact still available, so is now costing me money and I am forced into choosing spending 10+ hours making what I already have or spend another 3 figure on a newer theme. So I emailed in. Their response "upgrade and spend 10 hours making what you have, or buy a shiny new theme" so zero offer of help or support.

Organic Sleep

it's good for the store with less customizations, not for us. I saw my store is totally difference in the new update theme. I don't think I can use it.