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28. november 2022

When I try to update, there is no 'update' button. Only SYNC. I try to SYNC themes and nothing happens, I registered my theme 2 months ago and need the latest updates. Therefore I have concluded there is a serious problem with this app and it does not work! Please fix this ASAP.

2 måneder bruger appen
Out of the Sandbox svarede 28. november 2022

Hi theurbanbathhouse team!

It looks like you do not currently have a Pro Plan subscription for Theme Updater - this is why the option to update your theme automatically within the app is not available.

With the Theme Updater’s Free plan, you can register your theme, install a default theme, and get notified when new versions become available.

The option to update your theme to the most recent theme version, automatically, is an exclusive feature of the Theme Updater’s Pro plan.

The Theme Updater’s Pro plan includes all the features of the Free plan, and will also allow you to transfer theme editor content, help to transfer customizations, transfer theme settings, and allow you to compare changes (before and after).

A member of our support team has reached out to you via email as well!

All the best,
Out of the Sandbox

18. september 2019

A premium theme should not require an additional $9 per month to upgrade the few times per year that is necessary. This will not build good will for Out of the Sandbox or Pixel Union. I imagine this will also impact reviews of their themes directly. I like Empire but would not recommend it to others given this recent sheisty maneuver.

Cirka 2 måneder bruger appen
Out of the Sandbox svarede 19. september 2019

Hello danformshoesvt,
Thanks for sending these remarks; we take your input to heart.

It is true that periodic updates are a necessary part of using a theme, as the theme is updated to include new features and improvements. However, you are not required to use the Theme Updater App to update your theme - updated theme files with new features and improvements will continue to be available for free, as they are for all Shopify themes.

You can optionally use the Theme Updater App when an update is released to retain your previous setting configurations and transfer some code customizations, to make the updating process faster and easier. This is accomplished through the app's unique functionality that we continue to develop and maintain. To take advantage of these updating benefits, along with new and exciting features such as Priority Support (available in the Pro Plan), we'll have several flexible subscription options to choose from.

But, rest assured, the normal Shopify theme updating process will continue to be possible for your premium theme, and the updated theme files will continue to be available for free.

-The Out of the Sandbox Team

2. november 2021

I used this app to update my theme to shopify 2.0, I had no code modifications but the updater still couldn't keep the basic text or images from my previous theme because the liquid themes were incompatible . As you have to pay for this app it is a particularly grating waste of time and money, surely the point is that it is able to transfer the basics to your new theme whereas I have to now start from scratch.

Manuka Products UK
Cirka en måned bruger appen
Out of the Sandbox svarede 12. november 2021

Hi Manuka Products Team! Thank you so much for your feedback - while our app will be able to help with most modifications, there are a small few that may need further adjustments afterwards. We will be following up via email shortly to see how we can help moving forward.

4. april 2020

I subscribed to the ProPlan of this app on Wednesday 4/1/2020 and, on the same day, I contacted ProPlan support asking a couple of questions via the correct link inside the app interface. Today is Saturday 4/4/2020 and no reply has been received, even though they promise priority support for ProPlan Subscribers. 72 hours is by no means priority support.
Additionally, after I subscribed to the ProPlan, the section on How to Update still says the following:

"If any error messages are received when updating your theme to the latest version, all customizations to the mentioned files will need to be carried forward manually. If you need assistance with carrying over your previous customizations, we'd recommend reaching out to some of our recommended experts."

Here it is paramount to mention that the ONE AND ONLY point of this ProPlan subscription is to GUARANTEE a fully automatic, hassle-free theme update. The second I have to manually carry forward my customizations, I should be refunded for my subscription. I also asked about this on my support request three days ago, but I have received no response.
Please contact me ASAP with full response to my support request, including a clarification about what happens when the app does not work. Do I get refunded for a non-working app?

Luis E. Romero
21 dage bruger appen
Out of the Sandbox svarede 15. april 2020

Hi there Luis,
Andrew here from Out of the Sandbox Support. Thanks for taking the time to provide that feedback!

It looks as though we received an email from you, however it doesn't appear it was sent in via priority support which would explain the time taken before we got back to you. Priority support can only be accessed directly via the app:

Sorry for any confusion there - we'll be sending along a separate email shortly to address any outstanding issues, so if you have any questions, please just reply there!

Take care.

7. marts 2023


Universal Truck Parts Shop
19 dage bruger appen
Out of the Sandbox svarede 8. marts 2023

Hi Universal Truck Parts Shop team!

Thank you very much for your feedback - we are always looking for ways to make our app better!

Theme Updater Plus does not make any changes to your live, published theme - instead, it creates a new, unpublished version of your theme for you to review in your theme library.

When updating your theme to OS 2.0, all content, such as home page content, will need to be rebuilt. This is a one-time process required by Shopify to align with new templating standards. You will still be able to use the Theme Updater to help streamline your updates with future releases.

Although Theme Updater Plus does have the ability to transfer over customized code, customizing code can still result in some issues, and more complex customizations will need to be manually transferred over to the updated theme file.

All the best,
Out of the Sandbox

26. marts 2020

just wasted a years subscription. deleted, not cool. ...............................................

McGuire Diamonds
16 dage bruger appen
31. juli 2020

The app has a bug. I asked for a refund. They are not very open to this type of requests. Basically I bought a thing. This thing is not as it's supposed to be. So I asked for a refund (also because I never got the ads about the app until a month after the "12 months of free available theme updates").
Basically I bought their theme 13 months ago. I discover that it needed some updates. I bought their app (14$ perr month) a month ago to have my first theme update. The app has a bug, they told me: "we are sorry ad we are working on it". Perfect, with my money. Anyway keep the 14$ and enjoy them!

Concetto è
15 dage bruger appen
Out of the Sandbox svarede 7. august 2020

Hello Concetto è Team!

Thank you for your feedback, we had an issue impacting a small number of merchants when using the diff checker feature. We have now corrected it.

We appreciate you choosing the Theme Updater app as the easiest and fastest way to update your Out of the Sandbox theme.

We do provide free updates for the lifetime of your shop when you purchase one of our themes; the app (not required to update your theme) is only free for the first 12 months from the date of purchase.

Thank you again for your feedback and support of Out of the Sandbox themes.

Redigeret 16. oktober 2017

Abode Mercantile
10 dage bruger appen
12. december 2022

I have really liked my OOSB theme but this app and the support have been so bad that it has, unfortunately, really changed my view of Out of the Sandbox.

Also, typically apps are priced based on their usefulness to the customer. How do justify charging $89 for an app that has low review ratings, poor functionality, and requires a significant amount of manual work on the customer's end?

Ally Safety
7 dage bruger appen
Out of the Sandbox svarede 14. december 2022

Hi Ally Safety team!

When updating your vintage Turbo v4.1.1 theme to OS 2.0, all content will need to be rebuilt. This is a one-time process required by Shopify to align with new templating standards. You will still be able to use the Theme Updater to help streamline your updates with future releases!

With all of our Out of the Sandbox themes, you only need to pay once, and the theme license is yours - there is no additional cost to retrieve an updated theme version!

The Theme Updater does have monthly and yearly subscription options.

With the Free plan, you are always able to download the most recent theme version at no additional cost, and update manually. For this update to OS 2.0, because of Shopify's new templating standards, this is advised.

Thank you very much for your feedback!

All the best,
Out of the Sandbox

29. december 2018

Tried the pro version of Theme Updater to bring Atlantic theme 11.6 tot 13.4.5. The result was horrifying: a mix of badly placed page elements and duplicate items in the customize section. There is no solution for painless updating: I had to do everything manually. I think this tool only works for minor updated themes.

Holland (Nederlandene)
En dag bruger appen
Out of the Sandbox svarede 19. marts 2019

Hi Hollyworks!

Sorry to hear you had a frustrating experience with the Theme Updater App. We’re now able to respond to App reviews so we wanted to take this chance to reach out!

The Theme Updater App is able to carry over simpler code customizations in most cases. If you or your developer have made extensive or complex customizations directly to the theme files, then these customizations will need to be manually transferred to the updated theme.

The ‘Pro Plan’ comes with the option to view a line-by-line breakdown of the code changes for customized files under the ‘View template customizations’ option when updating that we’ve added in to help merchants who have those advanced customizations! Were you able to take a look at this option when updating?

Please feel free to get in touch with us directly here: - perhaps we can clear up any questions you may have about how the Updater App handles customizations!

We appreciate your feedback and would love to see if we can help out with the issues you experienced!