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28 de agosto de 2018

works great every time, i would recommend this app to anyone who used their themes!

4 minutos usando la aplicación
3 de mayo de 2022

not working with Prestige theme, also I have two other themes not working neither very disappointing

Estados Unidos
7 minutos usando la aplicación
Out of the Sandbox respondió 3 de mayo de 2022

Hello EUF FASHION team!

Thank you very much for your feedback!

The Theme Updater App is an exclusive tool developed and maintained by Out of the Sandbox, and lets you upgrade to the latest available version of your Out of the Sandbox or Pixel Union theme.

Unfortunately, the Theme Updater App you will not be able to update your Prestige theme by Maestrooo.

All the best,
Out of the Sandbox

3 de julio de 2018

Cool idea, but seems to endless mindless errors.
Throws out an error at a specific location that doesn't even have code at it.

I search through and find the code it's referring to and do the suggested 'fix' (which doesn't make sense in the first place) and it repeats a similar error elsewhere.

I've done some custom stuff but nothing extreme or even related to where the errors are.... Going to uninstall completely and have to do it the old fashioned manual way. Was looking forward to pulling my hair out anyway for the long weekend :D

Crik Nutrition
27 minutos usando la aplicación
7 de agosto de 2018

No phone number for clients. Lame

Estados Unidos
14 minutos usando la aplicación