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28 ottobre 2022

App recommended by theme developers. Very easy to use and does what it's designed to do. I had an issue at first shot of this (which I ended up solving myself) BUT the support team replied quickly given it was during the free trial, kept me updated about the progress of my ticket, and offered support in a friendly and jargon free way. My theme has updated and copied over brilliantly with only one little bit of code missing which is beyond the capability of this app (a niche widget!) But at least it shows you what the issue is and you can sort yourself/get developer to sort.
I think many of the poor reviews on here are from people misunderstanding that this app is not designed to update from legacy to shopify online 2.0. For what it's designed for, it works very well (so far!!)

Run Legacy
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Data modifica: 16 gennaio 2022

EDIT 1/16 After leaving this review, their team explained my problem more accurately and they offered a better and more practical solution which I appreciate. Terrible app, terrible customer experience. I updated my theme and the result was awful: translations missing, errors, the product images, prices and description don’t show correctly and they don't adapt correctly to the screen either. I tried contacting support and they told me that's normal so I have to fix them? How am I supposed to fix them when its not a design problem but a deeper code problem? Also they are charging me even though the app didn't do what it promised and after cancelling the first day.

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Out of the Sandbox ha risposto 7 gennaio 2022

Hi TITAN X team!

Thank you for your feedback! When updating your theme to OS 2.0, all content, such as home page content, will need to be rebuilt.

This is a one-time process required by Shopify to align with new templating standards. You will still be able to use the Theme Updater to help streamline your updates with future releases.

A member of our support team will reach out via email shortly!

Data modifica: 12 luglio 2021

When it works it is very good. But our Pro Plan subscription has broken which means that the app doesn't work, and we can't access the priority support we paid for. Update: We have received excellent support from OOTS who have stuck with us and resolved a difficult issue. This review has been upgraded to 4 stars to reflect the quality of the app itself.

Airdrop Bikes
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Out of the Sandbox ha risposto 25 giugno 2021

Hello Airdrop Bikes team,

Thank you for this feedback! We are investigating the issue you are having with the app. Our support team will be in touch as soon as we have a resolution.

All the best,
Out of the Sandbox

5 gennaio 2021

The App is helpful but the limitations are part of Shopify as well. We are using a 3rd party Shopify app to the build pages we need and in a way that makes sense for us. The Theme Builder is very limited. The updates get complicated because of customizations. I believe this is an overall Shopify limitation. Backup! and use a Shopify Expert to help you.

Reversal Solutions, Inc
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Data modifica: 20 settembre 2019

Literally nothing happens, it does not function when I try to open the app. Deleted and reinstalled with the same result. Disappointing.
UPDATE: I believe this was my cookie settings as I tried on another browser and it updated ok. Review changed from 1 to 4 stars.

Halo Bottle Ltd
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 5 mesi
Data modifica: 18 settembre 2019

I'm a long time online seller and this app has been great the handful of times that I"ve updated in the past three years. But I cannot believe that I paid $350 for a theme (with 1 store usage allowed), and now OOTS wants to charge $9 a month and/or $108 a year (forever) to let an app stay installed in my store that I use two or maybe three times a year at a maximum?? BOO HISS. Horrible. The updater is great so I hate to leave 1 star because of this new policy, but its a complete disappointment to see these guys get so greedy when their themes are highly priced.

Rockstar Leatherworks™
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9 ottobre 2018

This app works really well, if you have any customised code on your site the paid-for version of this is a must. Beware though that you will need to update every line of custom code from your old version to the new version by hand. The app doesn't carry across custom code. If you don't have any custom code then it works perfectly without having to edit any stuff in the backend.

Vitality and Wellness
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2 ottobre 2018

A good app but could be a lot better at handling even the smallest of modified themes.

Katys Boutique
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Data modifica: 1 febbraio 2018

Very handy! But a bit unclear which customizations are taken care of..

Paesi Bassi
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Data modifica: 10 novembre 2017

I used this app last week to upgrade the Turbo theme on my store. It worked, but it did not transfer much of the configuration or any of the tweaks to the original theme. I still had to spend a few hours re-configuring my stores homepage and collection and product configurations, so not sure if it actually helped or not.

Bluestreak Crystals
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