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The Gifted Panda

Installed on when the app was free and only used a couple of times, some bits didn't work due to custom coding, however, it largely did work and only had to do minimal work. So I would have given it 4 stars..............until it changed to a subscription service.
Not paying that kind of money for something I will use a couple of times a year. More cost effective for me to do the work manually for half a day.

Developer reply

April 15, 2020

Hello The Gifted Panda,
Thank you for sharing your review; it's valuable to us to see where our customers are dissatisfied with the app to see how it can be improved.

Great to hear the app was helpful with your past updates; as you have experienced, the app saves time by obtaining the most recent version of the theme, carrying over your past settings, and helping with carrying over past code customizations; it sounds like some customizations were flagged as needing special attention, which the app does if automatically re-applying the customization to the updated code template would cause conflicts.

While the app is free to use for the first year following a theme purchase (from Out of the Sandbox or Pixel Union), a subscription is required to continue to use the app as an updating tool following that year. While some merchants, like yourself, only update a couple of times a year, theme updates actually occur regularly throughout the year - to keep running the latest and greatest versions (including new features like Shopify's new Product Media capabilities, or upcoming Cross Border features) other merchants update whenever a new version is available. For merchants updating their theme upwards of 10-15 times per year, using the automated process of the Theme Updater App provides a significant time-saving benefit.

If you find yourself doing manual updates regularly to grab the newest theme features and fixes, the app may be the better cost-effective choice to save you some time!

Thanks again for your input, and best of luck with your online store!
-Out of the Sandbox

Luis E. Romero

I subscribed to the ProPlan of this app on Wednesday 4/1/2020 and, on the same day, I contacted ProPlan support asking a couple of questions via the correct link inside the app interface. Today is Saturday 4/4/2020 and no reply has been received, even though they promise priority support for ProPlan Subscribers. 72 hours is by no means priority support.
Additionally, after I subscribed to the ProPlan, the section on How to Update still says the following:

"If any error messages are received when updating your theme to the latest version, all customizations to the mentioned files will need to be carried forward manually. If you need assistance with carrying over your previous customizations, we'd recommend reaching out to some of our recommended experts."

Here it is paramount to mention that the ONE AND ONLY point of this ProPlan subscription is to GUARANTEE a fully automatic, hassle-free theme update. The second I have to manually carry forward my customizations, I should be refunded for my subscription. I also asked about this on my support request three days ago, but I have received no response.
Please contact me ASAP with full response to my support request, including a clarification about what happens when the app does not work. Do I get refunded for a non-working app?

Developer reply

April 15, 2020

Hi there Luis,
Andrew here from Out of the Sandbox Support. Thanks for taking the time to provide that feedback!

It looks as though we received an email from you, however it doesn't appear it was sent in via priority support which would explain the time taken before we got back to you. Priority support can only be accessed directly via the app:

Sorry for any confusion there - we'll be sending along a separate email shortly to address any outstanding issues, so if you have any questions, please just reply there!

Take care.


You have to pay to update a theme you've already paid $180 for! I have purchased several themes from Out of the Sandbox and now I have to pay monthly to update them, too. Greedy! Will not continue to use them or buy from them again.

Developer reply

April 15, 2020

Thank you for highlighting your experience with the Theme Updater App and your Out of the Sandbox themes. I have some details to share with hopes I can clarify a couple aspects of your remarks for you and other merchants interested in our Themes and updating tool:

- On the Shopify platform, updated theme files are free if you have previously purchased a theme. Whether from the Shopify Theme Store or from our site, updated default versions of the theme you purchased are available free of charge upon request (or from revisiting the Theme Store listing for purchases from the Theme Store)

- You do not need to pay to update your theme on Shopify; with the normal process of updating (installing the new version, reconfiguring settings, manually carrying over past code customizations), updating a theme has no direct cost involved - however, this process can be time-consuming, and past customizations may need special attention from a developer

- The Theme Updater App is totally optional to use; the app provides time-savings and convenience by addressing the steps of a manual update automatically (by automatically obtaining the most recent version of the theme, automatically carrying over past theme settings, and detecting past code customizations while assisting with carrying them over to the new version)

- The Theme Updater App's updating feature can be used for free for a year following the purchase of a theme, so you can enjoy the time-saving and convenience benefits while figuring out if you value these benefits to justify an ongoing subscription following the free year

Thanks again for the remarks - we understand there's a need to make this point clearer: the Theme Updater App is NOT required to update your theme - the app is a tool to automate parts of the update to make the updating process faster and easier (which requires a subscription to use after the first year of owning the theme).

I hope this helps, and clears up similar concerns for other customers! Feel free to reach out to our Support team with any other questions this brings up. :)

We wish you all the best with your online store!
-Out of the Sandbox


We purchased Turbo theme which at the time was your most expensive product and were promised free upgrades via the theme updater. Now you've switched the updater to a monthly subscription?

How could you screw over your customers like this?

I see from other comments that you can upgrade manually. This was NOT part of the original deal and was never mentioned at the time of purchase but I guess that is what we are left with. Awesome support for your premium product!

Also some detail on how to upgrade manually would be handy.

To other would-be purchasers - don't buy this product, or anything else from Out Of The Sandbox. What will they switch to subscription-only next?

McGuire Diamonds

just wasted a years subscription. deleted, not cool. ...............................................

Nemanja Nikolic

The app doesn't work if you have minimal customization on your page.
The company and its shady practices are even worse!


1 star not only for the app - but the shady practices of this company. We have all paid hundreds of dollars for your themes and now you expect us to subscribe to an app to update - these updates should be free and easy - they are mostly to fix bugs - I don't see why we should foot the bill for bugs that NEED fixing.

Developer reply

January 8, 2020

Hey there Spellhound team,

We just wanted to follow-up here to hopefully clear up any sort of confusion and also to lend a hand if there was anything else we could help with.

First and foremost, it’s worth noting that you do not need the app to update your theme. We will continue to offer free lifetime support and updates, however, there is a caveat to the updating process should you choose to do so via the app itself.

You have one year included for free with the Theme Updater App, however, after that, you'd need to subscribe to a Basic or Pro plan (which ranges from $9/month for Basic and $14/month for the Pro plan) in order to use the app. This doesn't mean that you can't update your theme however! You can still update the theme by downloading the latest theme file from your order and uploading the file that way, and then manually reconfiguring the theme - this is how all other Shopify themes are updated currently. The app itself is an optional method to updating your theme which can speed up the process, and the Pro plan also provides you with additional features such as priority support!

Hopefully that helps clear up any confusion, and please feel free to send us an email should anything come up!


The Out of the Sandbox team.

Eighty Sixed

This company is by far one of the shadiest companies in the app store. Beware.

The Basic Plan of this app was originally offered as FREE FOR LIFE - Everyone who purchased a theme based on this Free For Life Updates plan is now out of luck. You are forced to pay.

If you purchased one of their themes based on the fact that you'd be easily able to update your themes as Shopify makes changes, then guess what, now you suddenly have to pay for that service. The crass emails from support who claim that they can reserve the right to change prices adds more insult to injury. How can you justify selling themes for 300+ dollars, then charge monthly to keep those themes functional?

Avoid this company like the plague. Out of the sandbox and directly into to the litter box.

Developer reply

January 8, 2020

Hi there Eighty Sixed team,

Thanks for taking the time to reply and providing that feedback. While we can definitely understand the frustration with the changes made to the subscription model for the Theme Updater App, it’s important to note that we will still be providing free lifetime updates on all of our themes. If you choose not to use the Theme Updater app, you can still update your theme the free method following Shopify’s normal updating process, where the new version is added to your ‘Themes’ panel and reconfigured manually. This is how all themes are updated across Shopify as the Updater App is an exclusive feature/offering for our themes. 

You can find instructions here on how to access those files, depending on where you bought your theme:

Ultimately we will continue to offer free updates regardless of whether or not you choose to use the app. Hopefully that helps clear up any confusion, and please don’t hesitate to reach out should you have other questions regarding that or anything else!

Take care.


The Out of the Sandbox team

The Architectural Forum

I agree with the others - I purchased and always recommended outofthesandbox because of their vast knowledgebase and continual updates - but now along with paying for the themes we have to pay for the privilege to easily update - you're turning against your own loyal customers and moving goalposts - not cool

Developer reply

January 8, 2020

Hello The Architectural Forum,

Thank you for taking the time to review our app. We understand your frustration, but we wanted to follow up on this review to clarify a point regarding the update process.

Purchasing a theme comes with free updates for life. These free updates come in the form of brand new files of the latest version of the theme. The new version of the theme does need to be rebuilt, as is the standard process for updating any Shopify themes.

Our Theme Updater app was developed to provide a shortcut for updating. The app can update a copy of your theme while preserving your home page sections and theme editor settings.

We have recently implemented a subscription fee for the app, but all new theme purchases come with a free year of the app’s Basic Plan. The free year begins from the date the new theme file is registered in the app, a process which is necessary to unlock the updating feature.

So in short, any purchase of our themes comes with the guarantee of free updates for life following the normal Shopify procedure for updating. The app is also free for the first year with the theme, after which, a subscription is required to continue using the Theme Updater app.

We’d be happy to answer any additional questions you have regarding updating the themes, or any shop-specific questions you might have. You can reach out to our Help Centre here:

All the best,
The Out of the Sandbox Team

UPAN Frypan

This review is more for the Flex Theme as they deleted the review they request from me for their product. The issue I had with the Flex Theme is that it was full of bugs and didnt work, the issues I came accross with support are all repeated here in previous posts. There product is expensive and full of bugs, there support is very slow and very poor quality once they do reply , even to the point of being comical. I only wish I had read all these reviews first before shelling out the US$450.00. I did download and try it out, but it was only once running that the bugs started showing. I now only use it for the headers then use a page template. Im now currently looking for a different product to use that is also mobile friendly.

Developer reply

January 8, 2020

Hello UPAN Frypan,

We’re sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble with the Flex theme and we apologize for any frustration. Flex is our most recent theme release and we continue to improve it with each new update for the theme.

I have reviewed the contacts we’ve had with your shop from our Help Centre and I’m unable to find any outstanding issues. We apologize if you’ve had an unsatisfactory experience with our support team, we are committed to supporting our product and helping your shop in any way we can. We would be happy to review any issues you are having with the theme if you submit a support request to our Help Centre here:

I have visited your shop and I can see you are currently using version 1.1.2 of the Flex theme. We’ve recently released an update for the theme, v1.1.3 which resolves a few lingering bugs. I’d encourage you to update your theme to the latest version if you continue to have trouble with it.

Please do not hesitate to reach out, we are here to help!
The Out of the Sandbox Team