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We run three stores using the Turbo Theme from Out of the Sandbox - and are just about to launch our fourth. The theme was chosen to a large extent because of this app to update our themes. Now, the developer wants to charge an extra $108 per store, per year - meaning they expect us to pay $432 per year just to update a few lines of code once a year.

This is a perfect example of how to trap your clients and then blackmail them. Obviously, we are changing themes now for store number four, and then slowly changing the other themes over the coming twelve months.

The irony is that BECAUSE they now charge for this app, there is no benefit to staying with Out of the Sandbox for any of their themes. Considering the high costs of their themes, this is slightly mercenary move by Out of the Sandbox, and would appear contrary to their stated aims of helping store owners.

If this is how a business is managed, and based on 20 years of ecommerce, I would recommend not using the themes or apps of Out of the Sandbox.

Developer reply

September 19, 2019

Hello MissieMay,
Thanks for sending this along, we appreciate your input on the upcoming changes - we're happy to hear you've used Turbo for multiple stores, but regret to hear the upcoming changes have come across this way.

Rest assured, updated theme files will continue to be FREE, so you can continue to take advantage of improvements we're making to the theme for all your shops.

We understand that updating a Shopify theme by uploading the updated version and reconfiguring the settings can be time consuming, so we have worked to develop and maintain this tool to make this process easier and faster. While using the Theme Updater App is the preferred method to update a theme for many of our merchants, we do not intend to trap you into using the app if you do not value it. You will not be signed up for a subscription automatically without opting-in.

We sincerely hope you continue to use the Turbo theme for your three shops, and consider it for the fourth. Turbo's performance features and robust set of theme settings/features are not found in many other themes, and while we know the change in price isn't well-received, the Theme Updater App provides a unique method to speed up the updating process, which is otherwise conducted manually for any other Shopify theme (other than Out of the Sandbox and Pixel Union themes). We want to continue to offer you this value, along with exclusive perks we've added to the app, and we hope you'll consider one of our flexible subscription options.

Best regards,
-The Out of the Sandbox Team


A premium theme should not require an additional $9 per month to upgrade the few times per year that is necessary. This will not build good will for Out of the Sandbox or Pixel Union. I imagine this will also impact reviews of their themes directly. I like Empire but would not recommend it to others given this recent sheisty maneuver.

Developer reply

September 19, 2019

Hello danformshoesvt,
Thanks for sending these remarks; we take your input to heart.

It is true that periodic updates are a necessary part of using a theme, as the theme is updated to include new features and improvements. However, you are not required to use the Theme Updater App to update your theme - updated theme files with new features and improvements will continue to be available for free, as they are for all Shopify themes.

You can optionally use the Theme Updater App when an update is released to retain your previous setting configurations and transfer some code customizations, to make the updating process faster and easier. This is accomplished through the app's unique functionality that we continue to develop and maintain. To take advantage of these updating benefits, along with new and exciting features such as Priority Support (available in the Pro Plan), we'll have several flexible subscription options to choose from.

But, rest assured, the normal Shopify theme updating process will continue to be possible for your premium theme, and the updated theme files will continue to be available for free.

-The Out of the Sandbox Team


Just received a message that they are now charging for this app even after we paid so much for the theme. It doesn't make sense to pay $108 for something we use 2 times a year. I will most likely move to another theme once my theme becomes too out of date.


Stay away from Out of the Sandbox themes. First you pay dearly for the theme, then if you want to apply the theme upgrades you will have to pay 9$ a month for a service that you will use 2/3 times in a year.
But what is your choice? None. Because to update the theme manually it's a nightmare. I am going to find a better theme that doesn't charge me for updates. I am not happy.

Imagery Socks

They just notified that they moved this to a paid app. 100+ a year to keep their app updated on top of what you pay for the theme.

ANTI-POP.CULT. | Art Unique

Out Of The Sandbox emailed to say the Free or Basic Plan would automatically increase to $9 a month but failed to give a date when this would start. I do not want to be charged for something that a. used to be free and b. I only use maybe once or twice a year. Uninstalled.

Surfer Girls Kick Ass®

You buy the theme and now they want you to pay to be able to update theme automatically? Greedy. Greedy. Greedy. That is a service that we shouldn’t have to pay for, especially when it was provided for us originally - and now they’re doing ‘take backs’??? Plus I go into the app to figure out how to unsubscribe and there’s no info!! Don’t buy from them if you haven’t yet.

Ross’Co Sex Shop

Getting rid of the Free Plan and starting to charge $9 for it? Big Mistake!

You, As a Company that sells templates (For Big Money!) and charges money in order to update them, create very, an extremely bad business relationship between a provider and a consumer.

Does Microsoft charges money for their Automatic system Update?

Or Does Adobe Charges Money for their Automatic system updates?

I can provide you with many more Companies With good and Loyal Marketing towards their Customers.

But You are simply getting Greedy. That will be a downfall for you if you actually gonna initiate your policy.

Customers and their Loyalty come First. Without Customers and their Loyalty there is No Business. Don't Forget about this golden rule before getting greedy

Blindly Shop

Greedy people.
Buy their premium theme and now they want to take away the free update feature and charge you 9$ per month. To update.
Else do customize from scartch everybtime.
Greed at its top.
Dont buy anymore.

La Cave à Laine

I have received an email telling me that they intend to delete the free plan of this app, so think twice before to buy one of Out of the Sandbox theme: without the app you will have to start new every time they publish an update! I am utterly disappointed by their policy...