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Theme Updater

Out of the Sandbox

Keep your premium theme up to date

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Keep your theme up to date

Upgrade to the latest version of your Out of the Sandbox or Pixel Union theme to take advantage of new features & bug fixes.

Preserve theme settings

Automatically move over your current theme settings so that you don’t have to reconfigure them.

Priority Theme Support

Pro subscribers receive priority ticket based support from our Merchant Success Team for any Out of the Sandbox theme questions or issues.

Theme Updater 정보

About Theme Updater

A bit of background: Shopify does not currently provide an easy way to update any themes when a new version of it is released.

You would normally need to obtain, then upload, a new zip file, then reconfigure all your theme settings — including resetting all of your colors, typography, images, text and more.

The Shopify Theme Updater app lets you not only upgrade to the latest available version of your Out of the Sandbox or Pixel Union theme, without losing any of your configured theme settings. In some cases, it may even be able to carry over basic customizations that you or your developer have made directly to the theme code.

When you buy a theme, you will receive 1 year of free updating through our Theme Updater App's Basic Plan, which begins on the theme purchase date. Before or after your free trial expires, you can select a subscription plan in order to continue to keep your theme up to date and get access to exclusive features through the app.

The Theme Updater App includes two subscription-based plans with monthly and annual billing options:

Basic plan (monthly + annually)

The basics for quickly getting your theme up to date.

  • Update your theme to the most recent version, quickly and easily
  • Email notifications when a new version of your theme is available
  • Transfers basic customizations when possible

Pro plan (monthly + annually)

Advanced features for prioritizing and accelerating your theme updates.

  • Prioritized ticket-based theme support from our Merchant Success Team for any Out of the Sandbox theme questions
  • Detailed information about any custom code modifications that the app spotted in your theme that will need to be moved over manually by you or your developer
  • Support for copying over language files

How it works

  • Install the app (no changes will be made to your code yet)
  • You can then check the app dashboard to see if your theme needs updating
  • First you’ll need to register your theme
  • Once your theme is registered, click "Update" to update your theme
  • The app does not affect your live store or make modifications to your existing theme code
  • Instead, the app installs an unpublished copy of the latest version of your theme
  • You should then preview and thoroughly test the new unpublished theme
  • Consider keeping the old version on your store or downloading a backup
  • When you have fully tested your store and you're ready to go live with the new version, click "Publish" to switch over to the new version
  • If you find an issue with the new version even after publishing it, you can revert back to the old version


  • Out of the Sandbox Shopify Themes,
  • Pixel Union Shopify Themes

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Default Download


  • Install the latest default version of your theme to start fresh
  • No setting configurations or code customizations are applied

Basic plan


또는 연당 $79 로 $6.58/월 청구

  • Free year of access (from date of theme purchase)
  • Move over theme settings automatically
  • Custom code is detected and often transferred

Pro plan


또는 연당 $129 로 $10.75/월 청구

  • Priority theme support
  • View all code customizations
  • Transfers language files

* 모든 비용은 USD로 청구됩니다.
** 월별 혹은 사용자 기반 청구를 포함한 반복 청구 금액은 30일 마다 청구됩니다.

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So I bought the theme, but I can't get updates afterwards? I have to pay extra and take the risk to update my theme?

개발자 회신

2021년 12월 7일

Hi RELX UK team!

Thank you very much for your feedback - While the Theme Updater App makes the updating process quicker, easier, and includes exclusive features, you can also upgrade your theme to the latest version by manually updating. A member of our support team will be reaching out via email shortly.

All the best,
Out of the Sandbox

Soundporium Music Store

Updated my theme. Ended up hiring a shopify expert to migrate all the modifications from the previous version.

개발자 회신

2021년 11월 12일

Hi Soundporium Music Store. Thank you so much for your feedback - while our app will be able to help with most modifications, there are a small few that may need further adjustments afterwards. We will be following up via email shortly to see how we can help moving forward.

Although the pro monthly subscription was cancelled in the app at the beginning of September after the update to Theme 2.0. The app was still charging for October and November. According to Shopify the app was still registered for requiring charges.

개발자 회신

2021년 11월 12일

Hi Top Shelf team! Thank you so much for your feedback. We apologize for the inconvenience - this is certainly odd and we will be looking into a solution for you ASAP. A member of our support team will be reaching out via email shortly.