Theme Updater

Theme Updater

by Out of the Sandbox

Keep your premium theme up to date

4.2 of 5 stars(79 reviews)

Keep your theme up to date

Upgrade to the latest version of your Out of the Sandbox or Pixel Union theme to take advantage of new features & bug fixes.

Preserve theme settings

Automatically move over your current theme settings so that you don’t have to reconfigure them.

Advanced upgrade tools

Pro subscribers get info on advanced code customizations that may need to be moved over manually by the store owner or a developer.

About Theme Updater

About Theme Updater

A bit of background: Shopify does not currently provide an easy way to update any themes when a new version of it is released.

You would normally need to obtain, then upload, a new zip file, then reconfigure all your theme settings again — including resetting all of your colors, typography, re-insert all your photos, text content and more.

The Shopify Theme Updater app lets you not only upgrade to the latest available version of your Out of the Sandbox or Pixel Union theme, without losing any of your configured theme settings. In some cases, it may even be able to carry over basic customizations that you or your developer have made directly to the theme code.

Free plan

  • Update your theme to the most recent version, quickly and easily
  • Use the free app to update any time

Pro plan with more features

  • Access to exclusive features
  • Detailed information about any custom code modifications that the app spotted in your theme that will need to be moved over manually by you or your developer
  • Email notifications when a new version of your theme is available
  • Support for copying over language files

Is this app right for me?

The Theme Updater App is a great fit that should save you time and ensure you always have the latest and greatest version of the theme in your shop if you these apply:

  • You have purchased a valid license for an Out of the Sandbox or Pixel Union theme
  • You have registered your theme
  • You have configured your shop using the Theme Editor
  • You have little to no custom code edits or additions

Stores with advanced customizations

If you or your developer have made extensive or complex customizations directly to the theme files then these customizations will need to be manually transferred to the updated theme.

How it works

  • Install the app (no changes will be made to your code yet)
  • Access the app dashboard to see if your theme needs updated
  • When you're ready, click "Update" to update your theme
  • The app does not affect your live store or make modifications to your existing theme code
  • Instead, the app installs an unpublished copy of the latest version of your theme
  • You should then preview and thoroughly test the new unpublished theme
  • You should consider keeping the old version on your store or downloading a backup
  • When you have fully tested your store and you're ready to go live with the new version, click "Publish" to switch over to the new version
  • If you find an issue with the new version even after publishing it, you can revert back to the old version

Which Shopify Themes are supported?

All Out of the Sandbox and Pixel Union themes are supported.

Integrates with

  • Out of the Sandbox Shopify Themes,
  • Pixel Union Shopify Themes

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Free plan


  • Keep your theme up to date

  • Move over theme settings automatically — no more manual updating

  • Basic custom code is often able to be transferred

Pro plan


  • Transfers language files

  • Email notifications for new releases

  • View customizations that you or your developer need to move manually

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
4.2 of 5 stars
Based on 79 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Fighter Store

This application is not functional at all. What is the use of being told which parts should be updated manually if they do not tell me exactly what I should change?

They should have a better disposition to really want to help the client. In practice, they are forcing the client to have to hire an "expert".

A Out of the sandbox does not cost any work to indicate what should be changed, so the client can do it by himself. In the worst case, just hire the services of someone who can do it.

Think about it.

Esta aplicación no es nada funcional. De qué me sirve que me indiquen qué partes deben ser actualizadas manualmente si no me dicen exactamente qué debo modificar?

Deberían tener mejor predisposición de querer realmente ayudar al cliente. En la práctica, están obligando al cliente a tener que contratar a un "experto".

A Out of the sandbox no le cuesta ningún trabajo indicar qué se debe cambiar, así el cliente podrá hacerlo por sí mismo. En el peor de los casos, recién contratar los servicios de alguien que lo pueda hacer.



Super unprofessional customer service, I have sent a request on to why my theme is showing a a lower version that what the update really is, for example my version is v4.2.3 and the correct update is v4.2.5 but the app insists that its V4.2.4 is the correct version lol. so I sent the Customer service and inquiry and honestly they didnt even read the inquiry, they have replied saying that you have contacted the wrong company and you should contact the theme author.

ummm excuse me? The theme author declared on their website that the latest version is V4.2.5 and your app is 1 update lower than the corrected version and finally im paying a subscription of $9 per month.

You may have a good product but you don't have the service to back it up!

Im uninstalling the app and canceling the subscription. Im happy that shopify lets us do trials, cause there is nothing but false promises and advertising from some apps here.


UPDATED I received an email that i need to register my store theme i bought directly from Shopify or threatened my store could be shut down. So i downloaded this app and its a mess! This app has just confused me as to what is going on now with my site. Its was suppose to register my theme and update my theme but of course there was a problem and error and Shopify customer service said they cannot help me to call Out of Sandbox and then i find theirs no phone number. So i was disappointed at first but I had a member of their team contact me and work on it and Iam happy to say as for now it looks like it is going to be ok! Even thought they had no phone number the service thought the email was to my surprise very speedy and helpful and got the job done! Thank you Sean for your help Sir!