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  • Easily explain product details and features inside images with notes and links.
  • Drive conversion and traffic via sharing interactive product images to social media.
  • Track how shoppers engage with your product images in real time.

Interactive images have the ability to convey lots of valuable information quickly and build trust with your customers through a deeper knowledge of your products.

These are the ways ThingLink interactive images help you drive engagement and conversion:

1. Explain details and special features on product images
Customers want to know what’s special about your products. Make sure to communicate the various details in a quick and elegant way; add notes, close-up photos or videos about the size, shape, materials, and features.

2. Link promotional images to individual product pages
Give your customers an instant one-click access to explore products by linking images of interiors or outfits to individual product pages.

3. Add depth to your brand’s story
Are there interviews, animations, or music that give shoppers a chance to learn more about your brand? Maybe a story from the designer or a video tour around your facilities? Can you link to Instagram photos from customers featuring your product? Give everyone a reason to remember your brand and connect with it in a personal way.

4. Engage your community with various call-to-action options
Images can be used in many ways to engage and collect feedback from clients. ThingLink offers over 70 rich media tags including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Wikipedia, YouTube, Vimeo, MailChimp and PollDaddy. To embed content from these services to images, all you need to do is copy paste a link from each website to the ThingLink image editor that is now available on your store page.

5. Share interactive images to Facebook
Keep Facebook followers up to date on what’s new and special. Share your images to Facebook and let shoppers explore the new awesomely rich product images without leaving the Newsfeed. Drive traffic back to your store by sharing your interactive product images across the web!

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Free – $50.00 / month



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