Thirdwatch: Reduce RTO with AI

Thirdwatch: Reduce RTO with AI

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Identify incorrect addresses & fraud orders and reduce RTO

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Deliver more orders

Identify incomplete and undeliverable addresses so that you can edit/update them and get your orders successfully delivered to your shoppers

Identify Impulse Purchases

Detect irregular purchase patterns which indicates a high probability of RTO, return or cancellation and reduce your shipping costs

Flag Fraud Orders

Cancel fake orders by analysing multiple parameters based on your shopper's account and historical patterns and minimise your fraud losses

Thirdwatch: Reduce RTO with AI 정보

Thirdwatch is an AI-powered offering that enables ecommerce online sellers to successfully deliver more orders and reduce Return-To-Origin (RTO) losses. Thirdwatch also enables Shopify store owners to successfully detect fraud orders thus reducing fraud losses.

How does Thirdwatch help boost revenue?

  1. Detect incomplete addresses, speak to your customers and update the address before shipping the orders. This will help you in delivering more orders successfully.

  2. Identify orders which have a high probability of RTO. With every RTO order, you incur forward and return logistics cost along with blocked inventory costs. You can now take an informed decision on whether or not to cancel such orders thus reducing your RTO losses.

  3. Detect fraudulent orders so that you can cancel them before shipping thus saving money.

How does Thirdwatch work?

Once the App is installed, the AI powered solution captures 200+ parameters from the store and leverages various machine learning and graph search algorithms to flag an order with a high risk of RTO. Thirdwatch also provides risk reasons like Incorrect address, historically high RTO %, incorrect email ID/mobile number, impulse purchase patterns etc with every flagged order. This enables you to either cancel or take corrective actions so that orders are successfully delivered.

Some of the parametres that Thirdwatch captures from the store and works on are shipping Address Profile, Device Fingerprint, IP Address, Buyer's history and navigation behaviour etc

The power of the Thirdwatch Dashboard

  • Review red flagged orders in detail along with the risk reasons and then approve or reject the order.
  • Add more rules that suits your business such as flagging orders from first time customers or Cash on delivery above a certain amount etc.
  • With dashboard analytics, get insights into your business’s shipping patterns, fraud patterns, RTO patterns etc so that you know how you are reducing costs and where you can save more

Introducing Order Confirmations

With Thirdwatch you can also send automated messages via WhatsApp/SMS to the buyers of the red flagged orders to get an additional layer of confirmation before you can approve the orders and ship them. You can also convert Cash on Delivery orders into prepaid orders by sending your customers payment links on Thirdwatch. This will additionally help you in increasing your prepaid orders thus reducing the probability of RTO. What’s more, you can directly give discounts to your users via payment links to incentivize them to make the payment upfront.

Simple Installation

You can go live in less than 2 minutes!

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무료 설치

Free trial for the 1st month. Charges (0.3%) of the order value applicable after the end of free trial period.

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Be Aware they are charging 0.3% of Order Value, Thirdwatch is no free, Paying 0.3% is not worth of it

개발자 회신

2020년 11월 3일

Hey CartWoo team,

We have specifically mentioned the 0.3% pricing on both the App listing as well as during the installation process. Hopefully you can give us a try again and we are sure you will find its worth. More than 500 e-commerce businesses currently use Thirdwatch.


Helps in identifying and reducing fraudulent orders. Really like the feature of sending payment links to high risk COD orders to convert them into prepaid. It would be nice if it adds tags (like COD Approve, COD pending etc) to orders in shopify

개발자 회신

2020년 8월 16일

Hey. Thanks for your review. We are in the process of developing this and will role this out shortly. We will send you an update as soon as possible.


With the help of Third watch its easier now to recognize fake & suspicious orders. Thanks Thirdwatch team

개발자 회신

2020년 8월 14일

Glad that we could be of help you in identifying fake and suspicious orders. Thank you for your kind words.