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19. Juni 2023

I am satisfied with the personalization of this customized mug. I can choose the design, font, and color on the mug according to my preferences, making it truly match my personal style. Every time I look at the mug with my name or a unique pattern engraved on it, I feel a sense of pride and belonging that is exclusively mine.

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29. Juni 2023

I recently received a custom-printed blanket from this supplier, and it's become my new favorite possession! The print quality is exceptional, capturing every detail of the design with utmost clarity. The colors are vibrant and long-lasting, even after multiple washes. It's not just a blanket; it's a work of art that adds a personal touch to my living space.

Sonderverwaltungsregion Hongkong
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26. Juni 2023

The new jogging pants from Thisnew are truly impressive! Their breathability and comfort are unmatched. Whether it's a long run or intense exercise, I can feel the airflow between the pants and my skin, keeping me cool and comfortable throughout. Additionally, the fabric is incredibly soft, providing a pleasant touch. The design I created is vividly visible, whether it's geometric patterns or vibrant colors, they are clearly showcased on the pants, which is truly remarkable.

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10. November 2020

Excellent customer service. Good price and have lots of product options. Apps also quite easy to use!
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Bearbeitet am 17. Juni 2020

Very good customer support. The fact that they don't take advantage of you on shipping is a big plus. Great items, I highly recommend this!

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ThisNew hat geantwortet 17. Juni 2020

Hi there,
Thank you for your purchase and taking the time to write this review. we are terribly sorry to hear that you haven’t had a satisfactory experience with us, but we really appreciate your valuable response which will be used to further improve the quality of our service and products.
Regarding payment methods, we are committed to making payment more safe and convenient, now the credit card can pay all the goods items on our website. We keep updating our service to optimize the customer experience.
Due to limited transportation availability as a result of global COVID-19 impacts, many order delivery times may be massively extended. We understand that these delays are not pleasant and we are doing our best to fulfill all orders as quickly as possible. We have tried our best to push the progress more quickly. No one else than we are that wish the package arrived safe and sound with earlier.
Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for giving us the opportunity to rectify the matter. The road we are heading for will be more solid with all your advice and support.
If there's anything we can help with, be sure to let us know anytime at, we're happy to assist!

9. September 2020

Amazing provider! I started to work with them a few months back. They are a pleasure to work with. The shipping problems at the beginning of the pandemic are mostly solved now. Their support is top notch - especially via Skype. They have a great facebook community and listen to requests. Always implementing and improving new products and features.
Definitely recommend them!

Purefire Designs
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21. Oktober 2020

Excellent quality masks. They take a little longer to arrive but are worth the wait. I have ordered nearly 800 masks from ThisNew and have never had a printing error! They have excellent customer support and my account representative, Lois, is always very helpful!

Fun Fabulous Designs
Vereinigte Staaten
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Bearbeitet am 18. November 2020

Llevo poco con la aplicación pero ya hice un pedido y todo correcto y de calidad buena (podría ser mejor pero los precios están bien). Ya la he probado y la comunicación es buena. La recomiendo mucho. Cada vez incluyen más productos y hacen descuentos por pedido.

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20. Oktober 2020

Cheaper items to sell in most categories, seamless integration and helpful patient support staff. Has worked well for me so far.

Temple of HODL
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21. April 2023

Thisnew is easy to set up and it has an intuitive interface, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced sellers.

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