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Over 500 Unique Products

T-shirts, shoes, bags, hats, phone cases and more.

Mockup Generator

Create product with ease and publish your custom designs.

No Minimum Order Quantity

Dropshipping with no minimum order quantity required, no inventory build-up issues.

关于 ThisNew

About ThisNew: Print on Demand

ThisNew platform satisfies all customers' personalization in product designs. In no time, we can design your one and only one unique product and deliver it to your customers worldwide.

  1. ThisNew is a personalized product design platform that supports Print on Demand Dropshipping (NO MOQ).
  2. The design system of our platform is user-friendly and able to assist our customers in designing their products quickly. Whenever an order is made to your online store, simply synchronize the order to ThisNew. ThisNew will manage all the rest from production to delivery. ThisNew actualizes the perfect seller-buyer-factory collaboration. We are entrusted to manufacture your high-quality products and deliver them to your customers in a timely manner.

How does ThisNew work?

When a customer buys a product on your Shopify store, the order is imported to ThisNew, We are responsible for production, quality checking, packaging, delivery and will make sure the quality product reaches your customer. Easily connect ThisNew with your Shopify store.

  1. First, create your accounts in ThisNew and Shopify:
  2. Click the 'Add app' button at the top of this page and follow the steps.
  3. Publish your designated products to your online store.
  4. Synchronize your order, make payment at ThisNew, and you're done!


  1. At ThisNew, we provide competitive prices for high-quality products and you can enjoy free Standard Shipment services.
  2. ThisNew factory has firmly established our business organization and foundation. We are being entrusted to fulfill and deliver your orders satisfactorily.
  3. ThisNew is protected by a solid online security system, we ensure our customers' details are securely protected.





Print on demand worldwide: pay per item sold. (product cost ranges from $5.)

4.3 评分


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Fun Animal Store

Newbie in print on demand, but they have Excellent Customer Service and Good quality. Thank you, Sissie!

Qpet Garden

I tried to use their platform design many times and found it straightforward to use and very convenient. I have bought some of their clothes, Canvas, and shoes; the quality is also excellent, the color is bright, especially the T-shirt, breathable and comfortable. I like it very much!
Mainly thanks to Customer Service Sissie, their professional customer service who has solved many of my problems and is willing to listen to our opinions. I recommend print-on-demand platform! Five-star praise!

Sacred Surreal

I had the same experience with the spam emails. There is no unsubscribe. It's filling up my inbox. Not cool. Bad signal.