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Threekit - 3D Product Configurator

Threekit - 3D Product Configurator

Developed by Exocortex Technologies, Inc.

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  • Interactive 3D models that engage and convert consumers
  • Swap product colors, parts, and finishes in real-time
  • Ready for Virtual Reality (VR)

3D product configurators are designed for one thing — engaging and converting your customers with interactive 3D models.

Our goal is to arm you with the tools needed to build robust 3D product configurators in as few clicks as possible.

Benefits of interactive 3D models

  • Update materials and finishes in real-time — avoid costly photo reshoots

  • Picture-perfect product shots at a fraction of the cost of traditional product photos

  • Adjust 3D models to reflect product revisions — impossible with 360-degree photos

  • Customers see exactly what they’re buying

  • Your 3D models are VR-ready, including Oculus, Vive, and Cardboard

Restore buyer confidence

Far too often, the first time a customer really sees a product is when it arrives on their doorstep. They excitedly open the box only to discover it looks nothing like it did on the website — we’ve been there too.

This undermines your consumer’s confidence and leads to a return, ultimately costing you the sale — ThreeKit restores buyer confidence by enabling customers to customize and visualize your product in real-time.

Use existing 3D models or CAD files

  • Using your existing 3D models (FBX, OBJ/MTL, DAE, 3DS format)

  • Import manufacturing or CAD files (STEP/STP, IGES, STL format)

Don’t have 3D models? We’ll put you in touch with our team of experienced 3D modellers who can reproduce ultra-realistic models of your products.

300,000 registered users can’t be wrong

ThreeKit works directly with our immensely popular cloud-based, ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’ 3D editor, Clara.io, which allows you to easily import, prepare, and manage your 3D content.

Our material library has 1000+ finishes and thanks to our robust importing tool, your 3D products will spend less time getting touched up and more time in front of paying consumers.

* NOTE: All users required to have a Clara.io account


  • Install our Shopify application ("Get" button above)

  • Visit our docs to get started.


* NOTE: All users required to have a Clara.io account

Support & Sales

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(613) 422-4009
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