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29. März 2024

Sir, I did not use your app, can you clear its charges or not?
11 tage mit der App
Enigma Apps hat geantwortet 30. März 2024

Hey there, as in our previous email communication we've refunded the full amount of your charge as discussed even though your trial had expired. You didn't mention that you need anything else out of us support wise, but let me know if we can help out in any way -


13. Juli 2023

I can’t open the operation page all the time, and there is no reply to the email contact. There is no reply after contacting for three times in a row. Extremely bad service

18 tage mit der App
Enigma Apps hat geantwortet 14. Juli 2023


As per your last email you confirmed that the page is working properly for you and we've been in correspondence over email in the last few days - our email reply is 2 hours after the email you sent this morning.

Are you receiving our emails? Maybe they're landing in SPAM?


30. Juni 2023

I hate giving poor reviews, but this app simply isn't working at all. At first I only saw a blank screen when opening the app. Ok, the app support responded quite fast to solve the issue and confirmed it was a bug on their/Shopifys side. But then the optimization page just freezed and nothing happened. I didn't see any kind of progress on the dashboard or in the history tab. And now I'm back to seeing the blank screen. Very frustrating and what's even worse, the app support disappeared and is not replying to my emails anymore.

SPIRIT - beauty excellence
2 tage mit der App
Bearbeitet am 2. März 2023

Final review of this app. Read the reviews of the great service this app has provided. I didnt see it. Spent days emailing with no reply. Then an "I'm sorry for the late reply" email only to never reply to emails or support again. The app seems nice and I hate to leave a poor review of a free app but if you offer a product it would be nice to respond to support. Even if it is to say I'm sorry this will not be a fit for you. Wasted a week on this with no luck. I would recommend skipping this app.

Hazy Shade
Vereinigte Staaten
8 tage mit der App
1. März 2023

Fake app. Fake reviews. It has been 2 days and it is still loading and the green circle keeps spinning. No help or revert from chat support. All the reviews are fake and very very bad experience wasted 2 days.

Ein tag mit der App
28. Februar 2023

Doesn't work+ damaged my links, so every product lead to 404. inapp insight showed increasement, independend seo checker by seobility dropped to 15% (due to the 404).. images were not optimized at all..

Olymp Studio
Etwa 14 stunden mit der App