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Bearbeitet am 27. Mai 2015

We've been using Tidio Chat for 8 months now and have been extremely impressed. On the first day of installing it we upsold a customer by £100. We knew then we had to upgrade to PRO because this is an invaluable app which works. We speak to many customers a day using it, persuading prospects to purchase. Just having it on the website creates an element of trust - a human name and face to the brand. This is a great app which is constantly updating with new features being added. We had a slight glitch once but the Tidio team was easy to get hold of and solved the problem in minutes. App support is a must and these guys would get an A*! Great application which is a must for any online store. Yay Tidio :)

Celebrity Inspired
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So lange wurde die App verwendet: 10 monate
27. Mai 2015

So far we've had a very good experience with this app. Easy to set up and use!

Designed for Baby
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So lange wurde die App verwendet: 2 monate
15. Mai 2015

Easily one of the most reliable and straightforward shopify apps around. The service is easy to install always work and when your store is ready for the next level you opt for a paid service with even more features. For an online only store a live chat service adds so much value as your visitors know they can communicate directly with you. And Tidio's customer service is flawless!

Sable Beauty
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So lange wurde die App verwendet: 9 monate
Bearbeitet am 12. Mai 2015

Check out by your self the magic tidio chat can do. great app and highly recomanded.

El gusto canario ∞
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 10 monate
24. März 2015

INCREDIBLE. I signed up to the app and within 5 minutes I'd purchased the pro version... at only $10 per month.

The app is brilliant. It works seamlessly in my shopify store with just one line to integrate in the template.

As you interact with customers, you can fill in their details to profile them, so next time they are on the site you see their name rather than the anon name.

Well done guys - the app is fantastic!!

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So lange wurde die App verwendet: 4 monate
Bearbeitet am 6. Januar 2017

Tidio is easy to use, intuitive and very useful. This allows your customers to ask quick questions, and get quick answers. It even shows you what browser they are using, and allows you to save their email address and a name so you can target them in future. A fantastic app and a must have for every store.

Unbreakable Man
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Bearbeitet am 20. Dezember 2014

One reason to buy products from a relatively small company is the individualized customer service. You MATTER to them. This is exactly what Tidio team provided. I had an issue with an app, they followed up right away and kept in constant contact. I mean, it was INCREDIBLE. They will be winners in my book for sure. Thank you very much for your commitment to excellence.

Aksarben Wireless
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So lange wurde die App verwendet: 9 monate
9. Dezember 2014

Tidio Chat is seriously cheap and fantastic! there are currently a few bugs but the development team are very active and rolling out fixes very quickly. This is also the best looking chat service available on the Shopify market

Also, to further note these guys are very responsive, if you raise an issue they will respond within the day and provide you an ETA on a fix or a temporary solution.

They are an amazing team and I am keen to see what else they delivery, fantastic product A+++

Bubble Sports SA
So lange wurde die App verwendet: Etwa ein jahr
8. Dezember 2014

I like it, it's not perfect but we are getting there.

Android app is now working much better.

Good customer service.

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So lange wurde die App verwendet: Etwa 2 monate
5. Dezember 2014

Simplest installation ever. Installed in seconds as advertised, plus it's free!

USA Medical and Surgical Supplies
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So lange wurde die App verwendet: 8 tage