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Ubicación Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación 9 meses

They penalize you and make you pay more once you hit certain arbitrary use levels. You don't unlock any new features, you just need to pay more. IMO, not worth it.

Respuesta del desarrollador

23 de marzo de 2021

Hi! I'm really sad to see your review - higher chatbot plans help our users reach more clients every month -> this usually leads to more sales, increased order value and improved customer satisfaction. We hear your feedback, and we are working on an improved method of calculating the welcoming chatbot's quota. Our team wants to be sure that it meets everyone's expectations. Olek

Ubicación Estonia
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación 3 meses

This app doesn't help. Too expensive for what it offers and you will not get sales because of this app. They ask a lot for features. Doesn't worth it.

Respuesta del desarrollador

30 de octubre de 2019

I'm so sorry to hear that. You can always keep the forever free version of the app for as long as you want. Most of our users are able to pay for the app after it helps them generate the first few sales. I've reached out to you via email with a few suggestions on how to fix this situation. Olek - Tidio.


Ubicación Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación 4 meses

The app was very easy to integrated and started working immediately. I have been impressed so far and

Oxenford Budget Tyres

Ubicación Australia
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación 9 meses

A bit hit and miss performance wise. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't!


Ubicación Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación 4 días

I wish I could give this app a good review. But, frankly, I can't figure how it got so many good reviews here.

I tried it for a week. It's *almost* a good app, but far too unstable, written by a startup that clearly is going through growing pains.

I switched to and am very happy. It's free. And it works reliably. Also has great tech support, and, IMO, a better UI. Their back-end is instantaneous, so changes made appear on your site immediately, unlike Tidio. All in all, just feels like a more mature company and product.

On the plus side for Tidio: Tidio gave quick and good tech support. I actually contacted a few stores using Tidio as listed in these reviews and the ones I spoke with liked it. The president of Tidio reached out to me after I first posted this review, so they're aware of the issues I experienced. He assured me they're rapidly fixing them. And he refunded the $12 I'd paid for the next month's pro level. (See? I liked their app, but couldn't continue to be an unwitting beta tester for them...)

My suggestion: wait until December 2016 and then check them out to see how much progress they made with their app and whether it works for your needs.

Sorry, Tidio. I really wanted to like you.

Genex Formulas

Ubicación Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación 4 meses

Great product and terrific support so far. Still new with it so I will update my review as I spend more time with it. Update. So far I would still say it is a good product. It has a good set of features and things like seeing what they are typing, incoming visitor notifications etc... are nice perks. I would suggest however if you have a somewhat busy site that if you plan on using the bots, you will have to pay $30 a month to get both the communicator package and the automation package. If you go with the Automation package you lose all the perks from the communicator package and if you go with the communicator package you only have 100 triggers to work with per month. It would be nice to have a communicator package with an upgrade option for some more money, but to make it a either this or that or pay double option I think is a little bit much. But, if you have the money, from what I have seen so far it is a nice package. Just think in the end it may be a bit much for us. I am going to stick with it for a bit though to give it a fair shot. Will update again if I have anything new.

Respuesta del desarrollador

21 de marzo de 2019

Thank you so much for an honest review - your thorough feedback will help other merchants. I'm sure that our app will prove its value over time and deserve a 5* overall rating! :)

Advanced Saddle Fit, LLC

Ubicación Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación 5 meses

Updated after a few days use: Not much activity yet - one live chat, and the customer seems to have left after I responded. and I'm still not sure whether LiveChat is for me. However, I would like to note that customer service is first rate. Questions are answered quickly, thoroughly, and professionally. I had never used a live chat app, looked at the reviews and decided to give Tidio a try. Setup was a breeze. I had some questions during the setup, and used Tidio's live chat to get answers. Response was quick and thorough.

No one has live chatted me yet, so I don't have that experience. But so far, the customer service is excellent, and the dashboard is good-looking and intuitive. Certainly worth a try.

Respuesta del desarrollador

12 de marzo de 2019

Hi! Thank you so much for your honest and thorough review. The beginnings are always difficult! We can help you make the most out of your current traffic - e.g. set your chat to ask for the email address and display a pop-up message. Please contact me at - I'll be happy to help you! :)


Ubicación Reino Unido
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación Alrededor de 1 mes

The plug in works really well, although it seems to have slowed down the loading speed for my whole site. It has not been installed for long though so I will continue with it and test this.

I like that you can customise the colours of the chat but even if you pay for the $15 a month plan you still can't remove the "Powered by Tidio" message?! I was told by their support team that you have to pay a minimum of $55 per month in order to have it removed. That is quite ridiculous.

Other than that, the app works really well, it is easy to use and install, the messages come through to your phone.

If I can find a similar option that lets you remove the branding though I will be switching.

Respuesta del desarrollador

30 de julio de 2019

Hi there, thank you so much for your thorough review - I’m 100% sure that our chat doesn’t affect the page loading speed on Shopify. Our widget is loaded asynchronously -- so it loads alongside your website without affecting it. As for the branding - I’m really sorry, but we can’t change its pricing model. This option really helps us grow, and is reserved for the select group of clients who decide to take this step. Thanks for your understanding and your feedback. :) Olek - Tidio

My Accessory Fountain

Ubicación Reino Unido
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación 22 días

i have tried many live chats out there but this i must say this has the best user experience and very simple dashboard.

I had a problem with the installation and the team did everything they can to solve it and indeed they did. Fantastic support and fantastic app. There is no other free app that offers this level of service.

Facebook offers live chat but its restricted to facebook users only. then you get the other ones that claim to be free and you install it and find it out its not free and restricted to a number of chats. This app really broadens the whole scope and they even have automated messages for users that enter a site and leave the site. Well done developers.

My Secret Czech Store

Ubicación Chequia
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación 16 días

I used Tidio live chat for my website and 2 things I didn't like: First I kept getting messages that "Oops…, no more chatbots available in your account" that still although I really didn't like that I received several unpleasant messages like this. But when I wanted to uninstall then I just could find it. The chat box continue to show up even after uninstalling the app from shopify. The after really looking in Google and spending 20 minutes on this I managed to at least hid the chat box and it was some option inside special menu and special rules and you even needed to disable it for desktop and for mobile separately. Not very comfortable to uninstall.

Respuesta del desarrollador

22 de febrero de 2020

I'm so sorry to see your review. I reached out to you via email with additional help.