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Tikiify ‑ Shopping & TikToking


Give customers an exciting shopping experience with TikTok.

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Quick integration

Connect TikTok videos to your shop in just one click.

Shopping made fun

Give your customers an exciting and modern shopping experience with TikTok videos.

Collaborate with influencers

Use hashtags for a better collaboration with influencers.

Tikiify ‑ Shopping & TikToking 정보

If a picture tells a thousand words, how many does a video? We created Tikiify to boost your social proof further while also providing better shopping experience. Seeing products in video format gives a better idea of the product in real life. Plus it makes shopping even more fun!

Customers can enjoy TikTok videos while exploring your products.


  • Real-life representation of products
  • Fun shopping experience
  • Added humanity
  • Improved collaboration with influencers
  • Enhanced customer engagement with the product

How to do it?

No worries, it’s simple! Install Tikiify, then connect your account. Choose the viewing type and hit save. Simple as that!


  • Grid or carousel view
  • New TikToks added automatically
  • Add TikTok from any other account via hashtags
  • TikToks on home, product or separate page

TikTok is a social media in the largest expansion and Tikiify is here to help you take advantage of it. The biggest downside of the TikTok app itself, is that you cannot link product pages to the TikTok videos directly, so you lose leads on the way. But with Tikiify, you can link your TikTok account to your shop, making TikTok videos shoppable.

Products featured in videos with both influencers and those that are not, give a touch of humanity to it. Your customers have a better connection with products after seeing them in videos, in real environments and real people’s hands. Tikiify comes in handy when collaborating with influencers. Using hashtags you can easily add TikTok videos of your products promoted by influencers to your shop. As always we think about your time, so you can set new TikTok videos to be added automatically. Once added TikTok videos can be arranged in feed on your homepage, product page or TikTok feed page. Feed can be presented in grid or carousel view. Videos can be sorted in various ways including sorting by date, shares, and likes to organize them to your best liking.

Better social proof, fantastic user experience and realistic product representation all leads to more conversions. Give your shop a modern and enjoyable look with Tikiify!

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  • tikiify@shopbooster.co




  • Create TikTok feeds

  • Tag products in TikTok videos

  • Add feeds to homepage



  • All FREE features

  • Remove branded logo

  • Create feed page



  • All GROW features

  • Connect account



  • All PRO features

  • Import TikToks automatically via hashtags

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가장 최근 리뷰


Too good to be true. All i wanted was a feed of my Tiktok videos. Thank god i had'nt parted with any cash yet. After days and days with the support team trying to fix the simple issues of the videos not appearing, i deleted this app. It has to be one of the worst apps i have ever used on shopify, i'm dissappointed, because it was a good idea.

개발자 회신

2020년 11월 6일

Hi InsuBeauty!

We're very sorry for the inconvenience. We're also sorry that you didn't give us the opportunity to fix all issues you had, our team is always here for you. Our app is something innovative and it depends on TikTok algorithms, which are changeable. That's why the patience is the key of success. We always work on improving the app and we hope you'll come back to us. All the best!

Tikiify Support Team


First...(Applause) this app literally is a game changer, anyone looking finding a platform to promote awareness to your business...It just arrived. Cheers! Happy Q4

개발자 회신

2020년 10월 28일

Hi Ne-U-Beginning! :)
We are more than happy to hear that you recognize our app as a game changer! Thank you so much! Your feedback means a lot to us.
Happy Q4 to you too. :)
All the best!
Tikiify Team