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3 juni 2022

I don't know if these are fake reviews or if I am the only one having a bad experience. The app is clunky and glitchy/. I can't seem to get assistance when requested. The customer support chat function is useless. They haven't set up self-help pages. Overall I would say this hasn't been a great experience for me.

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25 juli 2020

This app does not work.. I cannot belive how Shopify let this people put so many fake reviews here. The same company is puting their own positive reviews to bring people. But the app does not work. spent hrs importing products and does not import them, shipping is expensive, you cannot even see how many items are available for sale. very bad App. I do not recommend. This people needs to stop adding fake reviews here from fake shopify stores that they create to just leave reviews. Using this app only made me waste lots of time.

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Tiksuper svarade 29 juli 2020

Hello there
I am the CEO of tiksuper and my name is hayden
We will update some functions every Sunday, and some functions will undergo some changes, which will bring you a bad experience. I apologize, sorry
You have responded to the problem of excessively high transportation fees, and for the epacket transportation time is too long, and the receipt cannot be normally signed. Therefore, most of the express lines we choose will cost 10% higher than epacket. But the time can usually be signed within 7-15 days. Considering the COVID-19 environment, it is recommended to use the express line

Sorry again