Tiksuper ‑Dropshipping

Tiksuper ‑Dropshipping

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That Helps You Source & Ship ANYTHING From China

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Quickly quote the order

Automatic synchronization of all orders, fast quotation, and provide competitive prices, while fulfilling orders confidentially.

Saving works and time

Automatic statistics of SKU data, free inventory, quality inspection, repackaging and transportation for you. Fulfill orders in bulk

USA Warehouse Shipping

Provide American warehouse and deliver products from American warehouse. Complete package delivery to U.S. customers within 5 to 8 days

Über Tiksuper ‑Dropshipping


  • That Helps You Source & Ship Anything From China
  • Free quote for products from Aliexpress.
  • Fulfill order and provide feedback automatically.
  • Automatically reserve stock in China based on order sales data


  • Our company has experienced purchasing agents, providing one-to-one support services to help you find the manufacturer, provide you with the order process, own brand and order fulfillment and more support.
    • According to your purchasing requirements, helps you buy products from 1688 and taoao and the local Chinese market to obtain the best price while maintaining the same quality.
    • We help you purchase products from Aliexpress product suppliers to help you save costs and achieve more profits for you.
  • Based on your store sales data, we prepare stocks in Chinese warehouses for free. Make sure your products are always available.
  • Quality inspection is one of the most important processes. The products leaving the factory will be re-inspected to ensure that they are of good quality. We have removed all labels from the factory.
    • We provide customized brand packaging for your brand DropShipping business, and provide brand packaging based on your brand strategy, such as hang tags, bags with packaging or logos.
    • If your niche store has more than 30 orders of winning products every day, we can provide higher support for your direct shipping business.

Full Refund for Lost Parcels

  • We take full responsibility if a package gets lost along the way.

Flexible Plans to avoid out of Inventory.

  • Out of Inventory, Long Process Time, Long Delivery Time, Multiple orders from Multiple Suppliers and Lack of Brand Identity are some of the main drop shipping issues’ that affect your customer’s shopping experiences when you are dropshipping from AliExpress. We are aiming to make it different by creative plans for Individual dropshipper, Startup, Small & Medium Size dropshipping business. We prepared 4 different plans to fit your customized needs for to pick for your dropshipping business.




Kostenlose Installation

There is no application usage fee, but product fees, transportation fees, and other service fees are charged.

5.0 von 5 Sternen

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Aktuellste Rezensionen


It’s a great app for order fulfillment and product sourcing. They have a wide range of products to connect to our stores and they basically can source any other products we need as well. My designated agent, Hayden, is very helpful and is always quick to respond.


They contacted me right away after I placed an order on their website, literally within 10 minutes, so impressive. Order detail was rapidly confirmed and everything went smoothly. The whole process was quick and friendly. Amazing people.


Tiksuper is really changing the game. It takes just minutes to fulfill orders and the customer service is excellent. Shout out to Hayden for being so helpful and a very supportive member of Tiksuper. I look forward to working with you all for a long time. Thank you!

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25. Oktober 2020

Thank you for your evaluation of tiksuper, we are always committed to providing the only service, and fulfilling orders more easily and saving more money. Have a nice day!