TikTok Multi Pixels

TikTok Multi Pixels

開發者:TikTok Pixels Installer

Start tracking user actions on your website with TikTok Pixel.


Know which ads pixel work

Track all your TikTok data with an easy setup. See exactly which promoted TikTok Ads are working with your new TikTok pixel.

Retarget the audiences

Recover the lost sales by Retarget audiences. Target on TikTok down based on product views, add to carts, checkouts and engagement

Simple app installation

Save time with our very basic plug-and-play combination. No code to add yourself. The TikTok Tag and TikTok Pixel made simple.

有關 TikTok Multi Pixels

About TikTok Multi Pixels‑ TikTok Multi Pixels Installer

  • Automatic event triggering! E-Commerce events will be triggered automatically!
  • The Pixel is now embedded within the theme files - so the pixel loads lightning fast!
  • Get smart insights on your TikTok Ads by adding a tracking pixels to your store in just a single click!
  • You will be able to install Multiple Collection TikTok Pixels.
  • A collection pixel will fire only for the products that are part of that collection.

One Click Installation

  • No technical knowledge is required at all in order to install and activate the TikTok Pixel in your store. Simply copy it from your TikTok Business account and paste it in the app.

Triggering Automatic Event

There is no need to manually configure the 'Page View', 'Product Details Page View', 'Add to Cart', 'Initiate Checkout', 'Place an Order' and 'Complete Payment' E-Commerce events in your TikTok Business Account - The app will automatically trigger them for you!

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Top notch support

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