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10. März 2023

tried multiple times to get it to connect with my shopify and it wont which is causing issues with stock as well as postage as right now I have to input addresses manually to my royal mail for business account and there is no way to contact them and get a response

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9. März 2023

"Unknown error" appears repeatedly when creating an advertisement, the reason for the error cannot be found, the recharged money cannot be returned.
No one to help me, can't find customer service. If I could give 0 star, I would give 0 star.

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8. März 2023

Una società Schifosa. apro un account carico 30 euro e bannano l'account senza darmi spiegazioni. contatto il centro risoluzioni e mi dicono che hanno sospeso l'account per attività sospetta. chiedono i documenti che prontamente gli fornisco. e ripetono la solita solfa..attività sospetta account bannato e 30 euro RUBATI. e se fossero stati 5000? lo ripeto spero falliscano e vengano bannati sia in europa che in america. solo scammers

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Bearbeitet am 15. März 2023

La Configurazione Con Shopify è Facile
Devo Provare a vedere Come Viene il Mio Shop e Soprattutto il Traffico Ricevuto
Per Ora Vale 5 Stars
Perdita di tempo, dopo una settimana di lavoro non riesco a decidere il mercato dove voglio io , per vender in America deve per forza trasferirsi li.
impossibile mi sento preso per il cu llooo . ho 4 paese da scegliere per il mercato in base alla posizione dove sono connesso!!!!! Ma io sono in vacanza in Africa ... insomma disinstallo subito Prima di diventare matto
Non vale una Stella
La stella per il supporto che non hanno cercato di risolvere il problema

Carauana Store
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20. Februar 2023

Hello tell me please why can't I install it on my store which is registered in the Czech Republic? I want to use tiktok for advertising

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6. Februar 2023

why my account is frozen ?? please re-open my account !
why my account is frozen ?? please re-open my account !
why my account is frozen ?? please re-open my account !

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31. Januar 2023

I even can not open tiktok Ads. Besides I can not open tiktok accounts link, I'm very sad.
and I make a video of my product and paid ads fee, but no one clicked....

Dais'y Beauty
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23. Januar 2023

I didn't even create any campaigns. All i did was install the app and it got suspended.

Your advertising account has been suspended. Accounts can be suspended for one or more of the following reasons:

- We received a report or complaint on your account from users or other channels.
- There are problems with the creatives, qualifications or services provided by the ads.
- There are malicious behaviors or intent suspected during ad creation.
- If the advertisers tamper with the landing page after the ads starts to deliver.
- If your credit card has an abnormal charge on your account.
- If your account has a long outstanding balance that has not been paid or your payment fails.

Children Cloth Shop
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21. Januar 2023

God awful. The app does not at all work as it is supposed to. Every video I try to add does not upload no matter if i make sure that it is 100% perfect in format. Multiple videos tried and none the less it still does not work. Do not waste your time with this app you are better of going organic. If these issues were resolved then the app has great potential. Until then this app is a waste of everyone's time.

Syli Strength
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18. Januar 2023

Worst experience. The app isnt working properly. Got "network error" multiple times. Tried to send a complaint ticket multiple times but it is not easy to find information about how to send a ticket. The tik tok for business isnt easy to set up, and customer support is non existent. Never got a reply on my first complaint. I bought a small amount of coins just to test something out. My account got suspended shortly after and I havent even got as far as making an ad campaign..

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