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24. April 2024

Absolute crap. The biggest waste of time when trying to upload products to the store. I am not about to retype all my product information all over again.

Skin Body Health
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12. April 2024

Food Business - Spent hours trying to sync my products from shopify to tiktok shop but it wont accept them unless I add an ingredients list. Happy to do this but the box available wont allow me to add more than 1 ingredient so tried to get help on this and cant even raise a ticket for support because it just crashes each time. sent 3 emails asking for help had no response awful

Phat Dough
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7. Mai 2024

Installed this app as was invited to open a TikTok Shop. I was excited to try and went through the setup. Got stuck at "Locations" I have 2 locations that are not standard locations, one is an email address and the other is another app. The TikTok app will not let me complete the setup, as these two locations do not have the "State" field completed. They don't have address fields that can be filled in.
Submitted a ticket to TikTok, to find out it was the wrong department. Submitted a ticket to the other department, to find out I need to submit a ticket to the other department that I tried first. The "Integrations and App Department" told me it was a Shopify issue, not theirs. Went to the App to try to get support, guess what, it takes me back to the TikTok Integrations Department support, who will not fix their app. They wrote the app, not Shopify, so they need to fix it. Can't get my products in to TikTok to even try that out.
Still, apparently I can take out their extremely expensive ads if I want, that apparently is working (from the same app). For $30 per day, I can advertise on there. Not sure where it will send them to as the TikTok shop is not working.
I am sure it probably works for some, just don't get an issue and need to speak to the support, because no one wants to help.
I will not be using them if their support is like that. Furthermore, I have no faith or trust in them.
Sad really as I was looking forward to using the shop.
I notice they don't bother with replying to feedback either, so they are probably not trying to improve anything.

CritchCorp Retail & Wholesale
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10. April 2024

This was by far the worst and most difficult and frustrating app to integrate. It took a week until I was even able to set up an ad campaign because they were denying my payments. I went through multiple back & forths with the support rep and he would tell me the issue was with my MULTIPLE banks until finally taking accountability to resolve the issue on their end.

After finally resolving the payment issues for ads, I still can't sell anything via TikTok. Two weeks after the app being installed, my TikTok/Shopify integrated shop is still under "pending review" and there is no direction from the app telling me what needs to be done next. I also contacted support several times for this issue and they didn't even read my request.

Don't be fooled by the fake AI-generated 5-star reviews.

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2. März 2024

Appalling. Am being charged for ads that aren't running and when I try to access support - have tried repeatedly - I'm told I don't have access and need to verify my account.

My account was already verified, which is how I was able to pay TikTok money.

Continue to be locked out of account, and when I email the address below, I'm told to raise a ticket with support - WHICH I CAN'T AS I'M LOCKED OUT!!!

Can someone PLEASE get in touch and assist me.

Waterfront News
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11. April 2024

I was charged $306.00 for TikTok ads but never made an ad with the app through Shopify. Haven't been able to find anyone to contact to get those fees reversed. I also keep getting rejected when I submit my business paperwork.

Massie Skates!
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1. März 2024


We installed this app and got all our products mapped to TIKTOK seller center. Once our products were mapped we kept on getting trademark violation alerts. So we raised a ticket with Tiktok Seller Center support. Who then took us through completing all trademark application forms which all failed as we are a small business and buy all our beauty products from independent wholesaler in the UK. Tiktok support then asked if we could send them all our invoices and also a list of brands that we stock and they will get us proof of purchase seller rights. After providing all this information they Tiktok support came back to us after 2 weeks and said unfortunately they cant give us proof of purchase designation as we dont meet the requirements.

We asked for a complaint to be raised as we raised this issue with them in December 2023 and they took 3 months to come back to us. All the while Tiktok was happy to take commission of our sales.

We try to raise a complaint but the Tiktok seller center bots came back with that they dont have a complaints process. We lost soo much money as we were paying a 3rd party to sync our website products with Tiktok shop.

Please stay away as Tiktok only help big business they are not interested in small businesses like us. Their support lacks knowledge and enthusiasm, personally we think they deploy customer support bots and dont have real people answering user concerns.

Such a waste of time, we will never use Tiktok again and nor will we be advertising on Tiktok.

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18. März 2024

I have been struggling to setup my Tik Tok shop but after providing all my Business info and when I submitted my form getting message info incorrect while all info are correct and checked my details multiple times are correct, I then contact support team and they are asking for screen shop to resolve the issue and without screen shop they can not help, I am not able to provide as there is no options available and my issue was not solved, company policy is very bad as agent told me this is a company policy to get screen shop

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8. April 2024

Only any good if you only have 1 location setup on Shopify, as we have multiple locations it is unusable as there is no way to select the location so it just fails to connect as it has just randomly selected our Amazon Location which is located at a different address to the address setup in TikTok

SnowPaw Store
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18. Mai 2024

Horrible app and experience selling with TikTok. Their platform is no where near ready for big time. Their functions are primitive and certainly don't support providing a good experience for buyers or sellers. We've deactivated our listings on TikTok and won't be back.

Embellish FX
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