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12. Juni 2024

All of a sudden my TikTok Shop orders are not syncing to Shopify. One order that was refunded is still showing this message 'We couldn't create this order on Shopify. To resolve this issue, open a ticket with TikTok Shop Support.' This app needs a major update especially on the Shopify mobile app.

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23. Februar 2024

Integration only works for ads, which I wish I knew before spending hours trying to figure out why my products were not showing on TikTok Shop. Update from TikTok was:

"Our eCommerce solutions are undergoing a complete overhaul and eligibility and availability have been restricted due to this. This temporary pause means you will be unable to showcase your products directly from your Shopify store through your TikTok profile.

It will not be possible to activate your TikTok Shopping feature at this time, however, we do hope to have a solution to this soon and will be rolling out our new and improved Shopify integration to all our clients.

You can still use your catalog to create Video Shopping Ads which will present your products in a storefront-like experience, but this will require a paid campaign to be launched and will still link back to your website for purchasing rather than the transaction being conducted on TikTok."

Ralph's Orchard
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31. Mai 2024

They keep telling me i need to verify my company and it has been approved

African Amercian Specials T-Shirts
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18. Juni 2024

I not selling in PR but TIK Tok Ignore my business, for have my Office in Florida and PR . The Company selling in USA,Canada and Europe .I am sad that not given opportunity to woman disable small business selling in USA for would have a office in PR.

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1. Juni 2024

It could be better firstly, selecting business account and start selling now are confusing. Secondly, product location shouldn't be a problem because you could be shipping your products from a third party location but tiktok App refuses to use / accept location but always defaulting back to the address used in the profile, this doesn't make any sense whatsoever because it limits people from using tiktok to sell if I MUST HAVE ALL MY INVENTYORY IN MY HOUSE OR IN ONE LOCATION. It kinda sound stupid in a way because I don't live in WINDSOR CASTLE to have have room enough to store my inventory.

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11. Februar 2024

The App and user interface for importing from shopify are overly complicated and your products get ejected multiple times. You have to continually submit individual products for approval which is time consuming and not cost effect for a small business. I may come back and update after some time and use but in reality the set up is unnecessarily complicated and will be difficult for a person with novice experience good luck Shopify/Tiktok sellers.

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5. März 2024

Nothing works. No customer service. Beyond frustrating. We will see what happens after all the contacts I made ever get a real reply that is not a bot.

7 Realms Bliss
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5. Juli 2024

Votre application n'est pas facile à configurer en plus depuis que moi meme j'ai lancé ma campagne de publicité moi meme je n'arrive pas à voir l'annonce dans l'application pour apporter certaines modifications

Santé Ivetrique
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29. Februar 2024

Very smooth integration ……….

Ecosential Skincare
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2. Juni 2024

die app ist gut aber der support ist so schlecht man hat ein Problem aber keiner ist da um zu helfen

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