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16 de noviembre de 2023

sync does nork. most of the products are not approved to sell in the Shop because of reasons that do not apply. for instance states a product does not have country of origin listed in Shopify- but it definitely does. Each product disapproved has its own incorrect issues and in total there are a multitude of incorrect reasons for disapprovals AND CANNOT EDIT ISSUES IN THR SHOPIFY APP. there is not a clear path to fix items that do not sync in the TikTok Shop either. Of course, if I wanted to place a ADVERTISING though, in Marketplace all products are perfectly in sync, approved and there are not issues. Have spent way too much time on this already.

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Alrededor de 3 años usando la aplicación
24 de octubre de 2023

Incredibly difficult and frustrating app. Very difficult to setup, practically impossible to get support, when you go to create a ticket, you are told you don't have access to your own account to create the ticket?

We wasted $500 to get an ad credit and got ZERO conversions. I would not waste your time on this app or on TikTok advertising.

Marie Sharp's Company Store
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Alrededor de 1 año usando la aplicación
10 de septiembre de 2023

Watch for Data Loss in New Version!!
We have been using this app for the ads pixel integration, but upgraded to use the new Tiktok shops functionality after being prompted by Tiktok.
We were using Silk before for Tiktok shops, and I encourage you to continue to use Silk. This integration will wipe your Tiktok shop of all listings and then most listings will have some sort of error, but none of the links work for you to fix it. We've had a ticket open with Tiktok for about a week and nobody seems to have any idea how to fix it, meanwhile our Tiktok shop has been decimated.

Plum Deluxe Tea
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12 meses usando la aplicación
10 de octubre de 2023

We receive several hundreds of orders on TikTok Shop daily. Unfortunately, TikTok Shop app doesn't do a very good job at sync'ing orders, especially after the orders are shipped on Shopify. Tracking number does not get sync'ed to the orders on TikTok Shop as it should on many orders so I have to manually add tracking numbers to each orders for hundreds of orders. Of course, their support staff doesn't even understand what the issue is and just asks to provide Order ID, Order Status, Shipping Provider, Tracking Number, etc. for all hundreds of orders. Are you serious? To provide all these information for hundreds of orders will take hours and days.

TFashion Mart
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5 meses usando la aplicación
2 de octubre de 2023

I am a little puzzled by the reviews here. My experience has been a nightmare. For two weeks I have been trying to get my store verified. No response from TikTok Seller Help Center in 16 days. Only automated cut-and-paste responses from their Feedback Form which don't address the issue. I can't get a useful human response no matter how I try. TikTok sounds great from all the reviews, but I can't get support at all to get it started.

CALI Strong
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Alrededor de 1 año usando la aplicación
15 de noviembre de 2023

I'm extremely disappointed in the TikTok Shop app. I was excited when the app first came out. it's seem to be working for the first month or so, it's was great but it worked. Now, I'm uninstalling the app because it's not working and I can't get any support. I can't sync my products, inventories from Shopify to TikTok shop and I can't sync my order from TikTok shop to Shopify. It's has been a nightmare, so I will be going back to the previously app I was using. I have submitted over 10 support tickets and receive zero support. They closed the tickets and gave me the running around respond, like AI. Having zero customer support for an unstable app is the worst.

KRE Prime
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4 meses usando la aplicación
1 de noviembre de 2023

Would love to start advertising and selling on TikTok if the set up actually worked. Can't find any support online and all the 'academy' articles don't seem to make sense for the options available. Been down a spiralling rabbit whole of youtube 'how too'. Seems overly complicated just connect a product feed from shopify.

Nation Athletics Bjj
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3 meses usando la aplicación
6 de octubre de 2023

Bugs in the set up process has made the TikTok shop completely unusable for my store. TikTok help center, support, and support tickets have not been helpful or responsive.

Lizard Tail Belts
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Casi 2 años usando la aplicación
14 de noviembre de 2023

very hard to synchronize the inventory. We had tried many times with different options and no luck.

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Más de 1 año usando la aplicación
27 de octubre de 2023

Adds close to a second of extra load time on our sites and on top of that the product catalog is not supported when the store use Norwegian as standard language. Support couldn't care less. This app needs some proper work.

7 meses usando la aplicación