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25 novembre 2023

It's very confusing for a non-computer literate person to set up a business and run ads, but once you get into the groove and figure out where you are supposed to be TikTok walks you through what you need to do. Better than a lot of platforms.

Sargent Bubbles
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24 janvier 2024

super easy and straight forward to set up

S.O.S Save Our Soles
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12 janvier 2024

Honestly couldn't ask for a better experience. Everything seemed automated and linking my accounts legit took me 2 mins. I did have issues connect to their platform from Shopify but once I told them the problem I kept having (for some reason every time I clicked the connect account button my page went blank) and within an hour I got instructions on how to fix. only took 3 clicks and problem solved.

Otaku Needs
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20 janvier 2024

Smooth an easy to set up. Great experience and i highly recommend setting up through Shopify.

26 Herb Maya
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4 février 2024

It helps to get out all products and introduce your store to others world wide.

My Store
7 mois d’utilisation de l’application
12 novembre 2023

Although products from my Shopify website still have not populated into my TikTok shop, I still love the idea of it being able to do so. Hopefully, I have done all the steps correctly and my products will show up in my TikTok shop eventually.

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29 novembre 2023

With very little effort put into the setup, I got multiple orders. I didn't even create new content yet or link products to videos before orders started coming in.

Kitty in the Box
2 mois d’utilisation de l’application
6 janvier 2024

After reviewing the policy again I completely understand why products can not be placed on your app. The process was good and helpful

Best Lyfe Wellness
Environ 2 mois d’utilisation de l’application
24 janvier 2024

TikTok is amazing. There are so many tools to help you be successful and the atmosphere created is so unbelievably positive!

Simplicity Haus of Senseations
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Modifié le 18 février 2024

Updating my review:

I decided to try again, I never got a response from my support tickets and didnt see that there was any specific update from my last attempt, but I have seen a few changes inside of tiktok.
This time attempting, there was a new banner notice that said it will overwrite any items you have in tiktok. Since I have had a number of problems with the shop, I figured what the heck. The prompts were almost the same as before when setting up, but the mapping of items process seems to make items better than before. Out of the 100 items I have in my store, only 18 needed some manual intervention to point them to the right item. This is a major improvement from my first couple of attempts.
Now that I have TikTok synced with my Shopify, I can add, modify, deactivate, and delete items from the Shopify control center. I haven't had any orders since the new sync, so I cant speak to the notification abilities in shopify.
I am only giving it 4 stars because I still have 23 "orders errors" that say there were fulfilled but are not in my shop inventory. These orders are from months ago and all show completed in Tiktok shop. So the app still has some improvements to get a 5-star but its a lot closer than it was.

Previous 1-star rating:
Nothing but problems created on both sites. Synced items between Tiktok and Shopify are not correct. I get notice that I need to map items but when when I go through the process to map, it says the items are already linked. when I try to unlink items, it says I do not have any items linked, Is there a way to completely start the sync/mapping from scratch?

Second, When I first connected Tiktok to shopify, it somehow created a secondary warehouse location. I do not have a second location and now many of my items in the tiktok shop say I am out of stock on many items at the secondary warehouse that doesn't exist. I tried manually adding the warehouse to the shopify locations but it says it can sync it because its a duplicate location in Tiktok. How do I resolve this?

Nobody has been able to resolve the issues the integration created and I have contacted tech support multiple times. I provided screenshots of the issue and the errors, but it seemed that I was either talking to AI or the person could not to understand what I was saying. Multiple times support provided the same "fix" even though I showed that there was no change. Now my Tiktok shop and my Shopify store have issues related to the integration that I am unable to get help on restoring.

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