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27. januar 2024

Smooth and no headaches

8 måneder bruker appen
3. desember 2023

my experience is great to use yore site and with login fast service

Made For You
De forente arabiske emirater
30 dager bruker appen
12. desember 2023

Pretty smooth setup.

Sam and Jack Gifts
22 dager bruker appen
3. januar 2024

Very good easy to set up

28 dager bruker appen
29. november 2023

So far, so good. I am still waiting to see if my ads were run successfully.

Jennifer Promise
5 dager bruker appen
6. desember 2023

It is very easy to setup and very user friendly so I love it but I am waiting for the day when the allow it's audience targeting for Pakistan too.

1 dag bruker appen
7. november 2023

Absolutely! TikTok has been a rollercoaster of creativity and fun for me. I've enjoyed expressing myself through short videos, connecting with an amazing community, and discovering so many talented content creators. It's like a never-ending source of inspiration and entertainment. How about you? What's your TikTok story?"

Nova Merchants
9 dager bruker appen
24. januar 2024

very good and simple

popular Enterprise
Rundt 2 måneder bruker appen
Redigert 26. november 2023

Lots of information to assist with ads.tiktok.com set up

New Zealand
23 dager bruker appen
8. november 2023

Easy set up but as of right now having problems with approved items. The stock amount of items do not match the shopify store. I am not sure why quantity of products do not sync with the shopify store but work in progress. If everything works out great I will change the rating to 5

Konstantin's Unreal Prints
1 dag bruker appen