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23 de fevereiro de 2024

Integration only works for ads, which I wish I knew before spending hours trying to figure out why my products were not showing on TikTok Shop. Update from TikTok was:

"Our eCommerce solutions are undergoing a complete overhaul and eligibility and availability have been restricted due to this. This temporary pause means you will be unable to showcase your products directly from your Shopify store through your TikTok profile.

It will not be possible to activate your TikTok Shopping feature at this time, however, we do hope to have a solution to this soon and will be rolling out our new and improved Shopify integration to all our clients.

You can still use your catalog to create Video Shopping Ads which will present your products in a storefront-like experience, but this will require a paid campaign to be launched and will still link back to your website for purchasing rather than the transaction being conducted on TikTok."

Ralph's Orchard
Reino Unido
Mais de 2 anos usando o app
5 de março de 2024

Nothing works. No customer service. Beyond frustrating. We will see what happens after all the contacts I made ever get a real reply that is not a bot.

7 Realms Bliss
Estados Unidos
10 dias usando o app
11 de fevereiro de 2024

The App and user interface for importing from shopify are overly complicated and your products get ejected multiple times. You have to continually submit individual products for approval which is time consuming and not cost effect for a small business. I may come back and update after some time and use but in reality the set up is unnecessarily complicated and will be difficult for a person with novice experience good luck Shopify/Tiktok sellers.

Estados Unidos
4 dias usando o app
3 de janeiro de 2024

This app is literally designed to make you waste your time. Even though this app is designed perfectly for entertainment and doesn't have a single flaw it is still very dangerous for you. You shouldn't be wasting your time for entertainment because soon it becomes an addiction.
However, it still can be very helpful if you want to use it to network or market your business.

Imagine Essentials
2 meses usando o app
13 de fevereiro de 2024

Difficult to set up

Sensory Sweater
18 dias usando o app
19 de dezembro de 2023

I love the idea of selling on TikTok. Unfortunately I had a terrible experience with this platform. I was using TikTok shipping which was the recommended method through TikTok. After finding out that all of my sales was shipping free through the TikTok method I created a template for shipping. Even after creating the template for shipping with flat rates, customers were still getting free shipping. There is no way to adjust pricing through the Shopify Platform to counter balance cost so basically all the sales I made, I actually had to owe money due to the free shipping on already discounted organic soaps and candles. I can't use this platform anymore until they fixed these issues.

Simply Organic Soaps
Estados Unidos
19 dias usando o app
4 de março de 2024

not easy to yuse

fantasy stars vip club store and more
Estados Unidos
2 meses usando o app
10 de novembro de 2023

I am a Shopify seller who wishes to promote her art through Tiktok ONLY. I do not want to sell directly through the app. This is because I have noticed since connecting my Shopfiy to Tiktok, Tiktok has put discounts on my products that I do not offer or want to offer ever for my art. My art comes as it does when I put the price for it. Please help me understand more about Tiktok Shop services for my products and how to gain more control of my products being broadcast on this app. I feel lost and a little overwhelmed by this Tiktok shop feature and need guidance or I will disconnect it accordingly to avoid conflict with my products being mis-sold and discounted to where I may lose profit. Thank you.

Estados Unidos
11 meses usando o app
17 de fevereiro de 2024


Zing Store
Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
4 de dezembro de 2023

I cant figure it out. It needs to be easier to do.

My Store
Estados Unidos
4 meses usando o app