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Data de edição: 31 de março de 2023

Es wird ständig Geld von meinem PayPal abgebucht, ich komme nicht mehr in mein account rein. ich habe das jetzt gelöscht und hoffe es wird kein Geld mehr abgebucht.

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1 de julho de 2023

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Data de edição: 14 de dezembro de 2022

There are some BIG limitations of this app.

Firstly (and most importantly), you can only link one Shopify Shop to an Ad Account - which causes big headaches if you've got multiple stores (for example, one per country). By contrast, Meta lets you connect multiple Stores to a catalogue and select which markets they are for; which is a far superior solution than having to make lots of catalogues and ad accounts.

Secondly, there is no longer any support for TikTok Shop (i.e. users being able to buy directly inside the TikTok app). This integration was the only way that TTS made sense as a proposition, otherwise it's an incredibly manual and slow process and as a result it's not worth enabling. Again, this is a feature that Meta's Shopify app offers.

Lastly, TikTok doesn't support Supplementary Feeds - so if you wanted to add any additional information (custom labels, alt images etc) then it all has to be directly added to your Shopify - as you won't be able to add any further info within TikTok. This is a feature that, once again, Meta (and Google) offer in their integrations.

Hopefully they address these issues in the future, but in the meantime the app needs a lot of work to bring it into parity with their competitors.

Reino Unido
Quase 2 anos usando o app
Data de edição: 20 de outubro de 2022

To be honest, I am not very pleased with this app and tiktok overall ad account review process. See below for Ad Account ID that are currently impacted. I am hoping tiktok can review these ad accounts thoroughly and resolve it as I have been following up for almost 1 week now without a resolution. ID: 7057565626537082882
ID: 7067601725112303618 Hoping someone senior can look into this and help me fix it.

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14 de novembro de 2022

Getting error when installing. {"msg": "success", "code": 0, "data": "AUTH_FAILED", "extra": {}}. Could someone look at this and let me know.

Compression Socks
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TikTok Inc. deixou uma resposta 15 de novembro de 2022

We apologize for the issues you have encountered while installing our app.
Unfortunately, we experienced a technical problem resulting in the failure to install the app. The issue has since been resolved and we would like to invite you to come back to the app store to install our TikTok app. We are looking forward to seeing you in the future!

15 de outubro de 2022

non è facile da utilizzare, ho speso tanti soldi ma senza nessun risultato, non ho chiuso nemmeno una vendita. e nessun supporto in italiano che può aiutarmi.

6 meses usando o app
TikTok Inc. deixou uma resposta 17 de outubro de 2022

Thank you for reaching out. Our support team would be happy to help you in Italian. Please submit a ticket here: https://bit.ly/3yMSakJ

9 de maio de 2021

more expensive than FB at 20 bucks a day and you don't get target audiences. app couldn't be found on my Shopify app page. traffic I got was minimal. very difficult to find app to stop the ad.

The Ultimate Shower
Estados Unidos
6 meses usando o app
11 de maio de 2022

Mi Tienda es en Espanol, pero esta localizada en Estados unidos y me dice que no puede configurar la tienda y no veo ninguna solucion, porque todo esta correcto

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4 meses usando o app
30 de janeiro de 2023

not certain yet. Trying to figure all of this out currently. Send help and better instructions. thanks

Estados Unidos
4 meses usando o app
26 de setembro de 2021

Won't let me connect to my business profile I created in the app. I don't need a separate one for Shopify???

Rogue Rider Industries
Estados Unidos
3 meses usando o app
TikTok Inc. deixou uma resposta 4 de outubro de 2021

Hi there — we're sorry for any confusion! With the TikTok Shopify App, users can connect an existing TikTok For Business account or create a brand new one. Once your account is connected, you’ll then be prompted to select a TikTok Ads Manager account to connect. You can find our full onboarding steps in our Help Center here: https://ads.tiktok.com/help/article?aid=10001393

If you have any questions getting started, you can reach out here for help from our team: https://www.tiktok.com/business/en-US/contact