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轻松创建 TikTok 视频广告

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使用 Pixel 跟踪效果

无需开发人员帮助,即可一键安装 TikTok Pixel。



关于 TikTok

此应用可供您用来创建视频广告、跟踪结果和管理您的订单,所有这些都可以在 Shopify 中完成:

  • 开始使用 TikTok For Business - 轻松关联账号,设置付款方式并快速开始投放广告。

  • 一键安装Pixel - TikTok Pixel 可帮助您跟踪效果。 关联账号后,只需点击一下即可安装您的 Pixel。 不需要编码,也不需要开发人员。

  • 在 TikTok 上推广产品 - 通过广告创建工具的引导,您可以在Shopify上轻松创建转化量目标的推广系列,并追踪广告表现。

  • 定向受众 - 结合人口统计、地域和行为定向等选项,您可以设置广泛或者精准的定向。

  • 让创意制作变得简单 - 我们的视频制作工具可以帮助您在几分钟内创建 TikTok 风格的视频。

  • 优化营销推广系列 - 提供报表看板,让您可以快速查看重要的广告效果数据。






当您投放推广系列时,您可以设置预算,广告支出将直接记入您的 TikTok 广告账号。

4.2 评分


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Peachi Baby

Really buggy. I signed up for £36 of ads credit off the bat and then had huge issues setting my pixel & account up to actually be able to spend the credit. Support forms don't work on web or mobile. The link to customer support on the invoice doesn't work. I had to disconnect my account and create a new one. I then submitted a brand new ticket, clicked send and everything I'd written disappeared. Fed up of going round in circles and hoping one of my messages has got through as I'd like a refund on the original account. I was excited about using the Tiktok channel and was hoping to take advantage of the welcome offer but I'm now dubious about using this it at all because the support is so bad/buggy.

LSM Boutique's Fashion N Fragrances

Very difficult to use, I tried and it didn't work out for me when I went to tiktok to post, it was difficult


Installation is very simple, but there are still bugs
I have completed all the configuration, but I still cannot see any products in the store management.
why is that? How can i fix it.