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Easily create TikTok video ads to reach engaged audiences

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Create Videos Quickly & Easily

With our Video Generator tool, you can create high quality videos in minutes. No video production expertise is required

Track Performance with Pixel

Install the TikTok tracking pixel with the click of a button. It's so simple, no more manual installation or relying on a developer

Boost Online Sales

Grow online sales by promoting your products to the audiences that are most interested in them.

有關 TikTok

This app allows you to create video ads, track results, and manage your orders all from within Shopify. Here are the key features available on the TikTok channel for Shopify:

  • Get Started with TikTok For Business - Easily create a new account, set up a payment method and quickly start running ads.

  • 1-Click Pixel Installation - The TikTok Pixel helps you track performance and is easy to implement. Once your account is connected you can install your pixel with just one click. No coding or developers required.

  • Promote Products on TikTok - Easily set up and track conversion campaigns within Shopify using the guided campaign creation tool.

  • Target Your Audience - With a mix of demographic, location, and behavioral options, you can adjust your targeting to be as broad or defined as you want.

  • Creative Made Simple - Our Video Generator tool helps you create TikTok-style videos in minutes. Simply upload product images or videos, and the tool does the rest - no video production expertise is required.

  • Optimize Marketing Campaigns - Quickly view a snapshot of your important campaign performance data on the reporting dashboard and gain an understanding of your conversion funnel, as well as identify opportunities to optimize your ads.

*⁣This app is currently not supported on mobile.





When you run a campaign, you set the budget and the ad spend is billed directly to your TikTok ad account

4.2 5 顆星

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Worthless, overpriced and in my opinion misleading. First there was a $100 ad credit that disappeared after I installed the app. Set up an ad anyway and emailed TikTok about the credit. Charged me $5 add free then rejected my ad after running for about 12 hours after charging me another $7.30. The rejection tells me to go to the ad manager to learn why my add was rejected but cannot find the ad manager to save my life. Back to Google and Facebook ads where my $20 can make a few hundred in 12 hours where TikTok was $0.



Hi there — we appreciate your review, and we’re sorry to hear about this frustrating experience. Our Shopify coupon program allows merchants to claim a $100 ad credit after spending $100 on the platform, which may be why you haven’t seen the credit in your account just yet. Once you reach this spend threshold, the credits will be automatically added to your account and you’ll receive an email confirming your credit. You can learn more about this program and how to redeem your credits here: https://ads.tiktok.com/help/article?aid=10001385

If there’s anything we can do to help, please reach out through our contact form and our team will get in touch to assist: https://bit.ly/contactTT4B

Little Lamp Lights

This app has alot of potential for scaling. So far its the best alternative to facebook when looking at all the other social platforms.



Thanks for sharing your experience, and we're glad to hear TikTok is showing great potential for your business needs! If you run into any questions along the way, please reach out through our contact form and our team will get in touch to assist: https://bit.ly/contactTT4B


Super easy to use and didn't give me any issues. The whole process was really fast and it was user-friendly.



Thanks for the great review, and we're happy to hear that you've had a smooth experience! If you'd like to learn more about advertising on TikTok, check out our Business Learning Center for some helpful resources and tutorials: https://bit.ly/bizlearning