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17. březen 2024

I’ve been using this app for pre orders for over a year now without any issues at all, last night we encountered our first problem after changing our website theme and our pre orders not working, I got in touch with support and it was resolved within 12 hours. Fantastic service.

The Wanderlust ones
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30. březen 2024

Phenomenal support. First time I ever got to sit back and let something get fixed. Thank You

Lièvre Shop
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9. duben 2024

The preorder app offers a seamless experience, making it effortless to reserve items in advance. Its user-friendly interface allows for easy navigation, ensuring a smooth preordering process. The app's functionality is commendable, providing timely updates and notifications regarding preorder status. What truly sets this app apart is its exceptional customer support. The support team is incredibly helpful, promptly addressing any queries or concerns with professionalism and efficiency. Their dedication to customer satisfaction enhances the overall experience, making preordering a breeze. Overall, it's a fantastic app that delivers on its promise, with top-notch support to boot. Highly recommended for anyone looking to preorder hassle-free.

Lumiere & Co.
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10. březen 2024

Jon and his team have literally gone beyond the call of duty for me and my company plenty of times in just a short time span. It’s been close to a year now that we’ve been working together on some things and I have zero complaints about him. HIGHLY recommend! He’s always ready when I need help on something. Even for the littlest of things, and that’s what I appreciate the most. That, and the communication/transparency are things that I value and treasure the most, not just in business, but in life as well. You will not regret working with him. That I can promise you.

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26. duben 2024

Absolutely fantastic customer service, I constantly need lots of help and updates and tricky things and they are always online to support and always get the problem fixed immediately.

Sleepy Denim
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3. květen 2024

Super fast and friendly customer support, we needed a little coding done to match our theme and they rocked it. Works well for all our preorder products. Highly reccomend!

Popov Leather®
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7. květen 2024

The support team on this App are absolutely amazing! Really quick to respond and super helpful.

Snoot Style
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26. duben 2024

Great Pre-order app that covers all of our requirements and very helpful customer support. Recommend.

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3. červenec 2024

Amazing customer service. What a difference it makes to be able to speak to someone when setting up an unfamiliar app. It takes so much of the stress out of the process. Really recommend!

Margalya Press
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7. duben 2024

Great service, fast reply and amazing app. Rommel went byond and above to make sure that all my request issues were resolved.

Highly recommended

Micky Mart
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