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21. prosinec 2023

great support system! easy to use as well!

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1. listopad 2023

I loved the application, it is the only one that meets my specific needs.
And now that I have experienced the technical support, I loved it.
I give it a rating of 5 and recommend it 100%.

Café Leather
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15. prosinec 2023

What was really helpful was the set-up call at the beginning. We started the set-up and then were able to complete it live with Rommel. We look forward to continue using the app.

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31. říjen 2023

Pam was amazing. Late at night I was adding Coming Soon to the website and it wasn't working . She was so helpful, calm and managed to sort it all out very quickly. Great service and a great app.

Under Her Eyes
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15. listopad 2023

The app is very easy to set up, even though it has a lot of options. The support is responsive and super helpful, you won't be left alone!

Woke + Well
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26. leden 2024

I installed a couple Preorder/back in stock apps on the same day and this one seemed most intuitive to set up. I had a particular question and had an hour video setup with Jonathan who helped set up the app for my use case! We set up everything else as well and he even touched on best practices + set up my button colors :D

Batch 22 Bakery
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11. leden 2024

Thanks to Jolo for the awesome help ! Great employee at Timesact :) I recommand him.

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27. listopad 2023

I am writing this because I would like to support their business after the video call. The customer service is amazing.
I am starting a small apparel e-shop site and wanted to add the pre-order option before the actual delivery.
If you download the app, it will allow you to schedule a private 30 min video call so they will walk through and help you set up what you need. I normally get confused easily but It's very simple.
The adviser was very helpful, patient and productive!!

My Store
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23. leden 2024

App molto chiara, facile da usare e servizio assistenza efficiente e velocissimo! Indispensabile per poter gestire i prodotti in preordine, gli stock di magazzino ed i coming soon

Romantic Home
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8. listopad 2023

Timesact has been a revolutionary addition to my Shopify store. The app’s smooth integration and intuitive design have streamlined our pre-order process, allowing us to better plan and execute sales strategies with ease.

Key Points:

Effortless Setup: Rommel from Timesact provided exceptional onboarding support via Zoom.
Customizable: Tailored pre-order settings match our store’s needs perfectly.
Expert Support: The customer service was personalized and incredibly helpful.
The level of personalized care and expert advice provided by the Timesact team, especially Rommel, has been impressive. Their dedication to ensuring a successful setup and launch has been instrumental in optimizing our pre-order operations.

I'd confidently recommend Timesact to any Shopify retailer looking to simplify and enhance their pre-order system.

Travis Parker Academy Live Courses
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