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I had an issue with a button not working and they fixed it within seconds for me without me needing to give them any access into my website. Very fast customer service so far!

Sincerely Stacy Boutique

Jollo was of great help. Got setup right away.

Thanks again!


The pricing is a LIE!

They say that their plans start from $1 and are $17 per month for unlimited.

This is untrue.

You have to PAY per preorder. So far, for 50 preorders, we have paid $25USD, and have just had to pay another $20USD to unlock another 50.

They stop the app from working if you don't pay.

The pricing listed here on the Shopify App store is straight up a lie!

The Brooklyn
Kairock Partners SRLが返信しました 2024年6月24日


This is Andrei, co-founder at Timesact.

I’m sorry to hear about your frustration with the app but I do appreciate you being a great customer since June 2023 and continuing to use us!

I’m sure we can work together on improving things for you, but I have to point out that the information in this review is FALSE and I can PROVE IT. Please read on for details.

All the evidence can be found at this link (follow the argument number to the same number on the doc for screenshots/proof):

1. “They say that their plans start from $1 and are $17 per month for unlimited.”

Our dynamic pricing starts at $1/month, that is the one you are on currently.

The Fixed pricing $17 is for new users on a BASIC SHOPIFY plan just like we say on our app listing and on our linked pricing page on our website (that is there to open on the app store directly). You are a legacy user since you installed the app in June 2023 so this promotion was not open to you.

The fixed pricing is for:
Basic Shipify stores $17/month
Standard Shopify stores $37/month
Advanced Shopify is $57/month - this is you so this pricing would not have made any difference since you pay a lot less in the dynamic pricing given your monthly number of preorders
Shopify Plus is $97/month

This is all on the website https://timesact.com/pricing. We cannot fit all the information on the app store page because there are limitations to how many pricing options we can show. 90% of our customer base is BASIC SHOPIFY and of course that is what we wish to highlight given the space constraints.

All our pricing, dynamic or fixed is less expensive than any of the top 5 premium pre order apps in the app store.

2. “You have to PAY per preorder”.

Not true. You select the number of preorders per month you wish to use. And can scale up or down as you please at any moment. There is no fee per pre-order.

3. “So far, for 50 preorders, we have paid $25USD.”

Look at your own logs, you activated the $16.15/month plan for 50 preorders/month. No $25/month plan even exists for you to activate. I’ve attached screenshots with proof.

4. “and have just had to pay another $20USD to unlock another 50.”

That is also not true but I can see how this could be the perception. This is simply not a great interface on Shopify’s part. When you modify a plan the way it looks on their end is like you will be charged the new plan level as another transaction. What they do not tell you is that they merge charges and create negative transactions to adjust these numbers. You are currently on a $20.7/month plan and that will be merged with your previous $16.15/month plan and the total you will end up paying will be less or equal to $20.7 in total.

Look at your entire history. If what you said was true then Shopify should have charged you a total of $156.2 for the duration. Instead they charged you $79.98 in total. Why? Precisely because of merged charges. We cannot control how they present this information to you and are forced to use their system to charge you. But follow the math, it does not lie. Proof attached.

5. “They stop the app from working if you don't pay.”

This is oversimplification and makes it look like your service just gets cut when you reach a limit. In fact we send emails at 70% of a plan being used up, 100% of a plan being used up and then you also get a 24 hour grace period during which time all the app settings are in place. It is only after the 24 hour grace period has finished that the app settings are simply removed, nothing else is done. And with this system in place you are never not informed or caught off guard unless you simply ignore the emails.

I’ve attached proof of all the emails being sent to you.

And given the fact you have used the app for over a year you or a team member surely have had some experience with this. The only thing I can think of is maybe there was a staff change or you made the inbox a shared one in the interim and the relevant person was not reading anything.

6. “The pricing listed here on the Shopify App store is straight up a lie!”

This is not only refuted by the arguments above but is also impossible to even achieve. Our app serves 14k users and is one of the most audited apps on the Shopify app store by Shopify directly. We have had this listing for months and never once got any kind of flag due to the fact that all information presented there is factually checked by Shopify. Had we even attempted to do anything like you describe we would have gotten demoted or delisted in accordance with the terms and conditions of Shopify. If even one word in that listing is in any way wrong it takes less than 24 hours for us to be notified.

To conclude, all this information was available to you at all times and, in case you didn't want to read through it because you were busy, our friendly support staff was waiting for you in chat/email/video call 24/7 to answer any questions or take down your concerns and find solutions that better serve you.

They are all still there as am I, always, for you or anyone who needs our help! And I know this review is simply given in anger and does not represent your real experience with the app, just a particular point of frustration which we are all guilty of from time to time. I have reached out to you to try to communicate directly.

I simply ask you to not spread FALSE information just because you are upset, because you are hurting our business and our team.

Looking forward to our continued collaboration and I hope anyone reading this will take the time to go over the evidence and draw their own conclusions,

Andrei from Timesact


The app has been very good and has many useful features and parameters to configure the badges, the words, look and feel.

Although initially there were some issues with displaying the badges, the support team was very responsive, friendly, patient and assuring. And they managed to resolve the issues after some time, proving their technical capabilities.

A good app to install.

Thanks support team!

Yafe Pet Shop

I tested several apps, and this was the only one that met all my criteria. The app has its own excellent product management system for Restock Alerts, Pre-Orders, and Coming Soon items, making it very easy to manage these functionalities.
Initially, there were two features not working due to my theme, but I reached out to support (special thanks to Robert, who is the CTO). He provided flawless assistance and fixed all my problems within minutes.
We also had a quick chat via google meet and i can confirm he knows his shit :)
I highly recommend this app & team, if you are looking for a reliable well-featured pre-order app.

Homey Pieces

This app is super convenient and easy to use. I look forward to using all the features they have. The customer service is knowledgeable and I had a pleasure of working with Princess.

Destiny Boutique

Customer service is great! Very fast at replying and no other issues. They definitely know what they are doing and it's great to easily communicate with someone with knowledge in a timely manner.

Collins Debden

The app is really versatile. I can adjust my subscription according to what I need and scale it up or down. All the features are pretty useful - from pre-order, back-in-stock notifications. I recommend new users to get on their guided setup call because they will guide you through their dashboard and show you what can be customised to improve your customers' experience. Overall, very happy with the app and their support.

Wombat Ware

This is an excellent app with many useful features. In the end we were unable to use it given some issues that were not the fault of the app, however I wanted to give them a 5 star review due to their incredible customer support and diligence in getting the app working where possible.


Jolo was a great help explaining everything and helping me get my first shopify store set up with pre-order. Very patient and clear