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Bearbeitet am 2. Juni 2023

In desktop PC it sounds doesn't work very well. In smartphone the OK buton appears, but in desktop the OK button doesn't appear...
Let me explain better: The bar appears. the text appears but the OK button doesn't appears, in desktop. afterall the cache cleaning... thanks in advance

Frete 0800
3 monate mit der App
TinyIMG hat geantwortet 2. Juni 2023

On Desktop try using private browsing! What you see is only cache and on private browsing its cleared

11. April 2023

ótimo, simples e fácil de usar, muito eficaz, super recomendo esse aplicativo para aplicação da politica

Lojas Ciaresto
Etwa 2 monate mit der App
5. August 2019

I have no complaints so far - needed a simple customisable cooke bar for the site, this one works perfectly fine, will just see how it interacts with everything else. Thanks!
Vereinigtes Königreich
26 tage mit der App
4. November 2021

Overall a good app but features like transparency & banner size seem to take no effect. I still would recommend it over most other apps!

Sonderverwaltungsregion Hongkong
Etwa 17 stunden mit der App
Bearbeitet am 16. Januar 2023

o aplicatie pe care am descoperit-o, foarte rapida si simplu de folosit, personal ma bucur sa o folosesc

Etwa 4 stunden mit der App
29. März 2020

Great app. The only thing that made me rate with 4 stars is that I'd like to be able to make the bar shorter.

41 minuten mit der App