Tobi. SMS Marketing Automation

Tobi. SMS Marketing Automation


Recover Cart! Cart Recovery, SMS Marketing, SMS Text Marketing

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Abandoned cart recovery

Recover carts easily! Recover lost sales from abandoned carts with automated abandoned cart recovery SMS marketing campaigns / text alerts.

SMS marketing campaigns

Cross-sell or up-sell to customers through SMS cart recovery text message marketing, SMS automations and SMS marketing campaigns.

Pay as you Go

No risk! Pay only for SMS text messages sent with our PRO Go plan. Or upgrade to PRO Flex for even lower SMS pricing!

Tobi. SMS Marketing Automation 정보

To help you communicate with your customers cost-effectively during the coronavirus pandemic, we've added Pay as you Go risk-free plan, pay only for SMS messages you send! Starting from $0.0199/SMS to USA.

Tobi will drive more traffic to your online store - and increase your sales too! This innovative app works with SMS and Facebook Messenger to send customers promotional offers, order updates and reminders if they abandon cart.

Over 1.3 billion people worldwide use Facebook Messenger each month. And SMS messages receive a fantastic open rate of 98%.

Add this to the fact that most people always keep their phones with them (and often check them), and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success with Tobi!

Recover carts: abandoned cart recovery

Around 67% of online customers don’t complete their purchase. Tobi is a great abandonment protector. It will help you win back would-be shoppers by sending them SMS cart recovery reminders.

Retarget customers through SMS

Tobi is a powerful sms remarketing tool that you can use to cross-sell or upsell other products your customers may be interested in. Make more money from existing customers with text marketing / sms retargeting!

Set up Automations - automated sms messages

Tobi allows you to create a range of automated SMS messages to alleviate the hassle of marketing, customer service and support.

Marketing automation - helps you gain extra sales with:

  • Abandoned cart SMS text messages
  • Abandoment protector text alert
  • Promotional SMS messages
  • Win Back customer SMS messages
  • Order receipt through SMS text message
  • Order delivery updates through SMS messages
  • Discount code text marketing
  • Ask for review SMS
  • Reward new customers SMS
  • Send birthday SMS messages (ReConvert app required)
  • Shopify Flows integration (Shopify Plus plan required)

How does Tobi SMS work?

Tobi is a one-stop sms marketing automation solution that puts you firmly in front of your customers. Once a customer has opted in to receive sms notifications (during the checkout process, or with our growth widgets), you can begin growing your online business - even while you sleep!

Tobi uses smart technology to track customer behaviour, so you can send messages when the customer is most likely to take action. Use our pre-written message templates to save time, or devise your own messages based on whatever you want to inform your customers about.

Tobi also gives you access to reports, such as the number of orders, customer spend, customer location, and more. This app integrates with SMS, SMS Automations and ReConvert.

Install Tobi today!

Join thousands of other customers who are already using Tobi to increase sales! Tobi is easy to install and use.


  • ReConvert,
  • SMS

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Grow your subscriber list and send them messages when you're ready

  • SMS popup
  • SMS subscription through checkout



Pay as you Go. 100 free SMS included.

  • 100 free SMS included
  • From $0.029/SMS to USA
  • From $0.029/SMS to Canada
  • From $0.033/SMS to India
  • From $0.074/SMS to UK

PRO Flex


From $29 /month based on revenue generated by Tobi

  • 300 free SMS included
  • From $0.0199/SMS to USA
  • From $0.0199/SMS to Canada
  • From $0.0499/SMS to UK

* 모든 비용은 USD로 청구됩니다.
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가장 최근 리뷰

Uninstalled the app but now my page's messenger is showing a persistent menu made with this app and they've shamelessly added a menu item "Tobi - Clever Messenger Bot" which I am now unable to remove.

개발자 회신

2020년 8월 26일

We talked with the merchant and they gave us great points on this matter so we removed the menu item for all future customers and It will no longer be added.


Really helpful- great support! I still haven't used this even once. Looking for something that is easy to use. Because I'm not really tech savvy. But No worries, The support teams are extremely helpful and nice.


The service is professional, great and very satisfying!!I will use this app all the time and the experience is great!!