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It loads too slowly, adding an additional 2 seconds to each blog post in loading time.

We would like to delete the jump link app, but when we delete it, it still leaves code on all of our blogs. How can we delete this automatically to?

使用应用的时长: 8个月
Jump Links已回复 2023年2月13日

It absolutely does not add "2 seconds" in loading time. This is an outrageous lie with zero evidence. Before replying to this review we tested our live test store's blog post with GT Metrix and the page loaded in 498 millisecond from London, England and 357 milliseconds from Vancouver, Canada. You didn't complain about load time or reach out to our support either before leaving this review or making this absolutely false claim. Our app, like all others on Shopify, has to use a server. We use AWS to generate a table of contents and have spent hundreds of hours optimizing and testing our code and production sites for load speed.

The app does unfortunately leave some code behind when it is removed. As stated in our support response to you when you reached out about this issue, this is a known bug we are working to fix and you should be able to remove that code soon. You can follow our Changelog or Known Issues page on our website to see when this is fixed.


The app Table of content code doesn't get indexed by google, so it's no use for SEO.
Also, when I Uninstall the app, it leaves several empty div tags.
Now I need to manually edit all blog posts to remove some tags, and some can't even be removed.

Little Extra
使用应用的时长: 3天
Jump Links已回复 2022年8月23日

We released a new version of the app today which addresses your SEO concern. Code for the table of contents generated by Jump Links is now visible in blog posts when using the "view source" function of a web browser.

We are still working on the code removal issue as well and hope to have that fixed soon.

---- original reply 8/23/2022 ----
Thank you for the review and the bug reports. We are always working to make Jump Links the best possible app for Shopify stores.

The table of contents can certainly impact SEO without posting to the code by increasing time on site, giving users a better experience with your long-form content on your Shopify blog, and improving chances of direct links.

Both of your concerns have been passed to our dev team with hopes of having a solution to these in our next release.


It's a little clunky to set up, and the table of contents take an extra 2 seconds to load on each page. But otherwise it works as intended. It's cool that it's an automated function that runs on all old blog posts that have header tags, so I don't have to manually add the TOC to each blog post.

Christian Pure
使用应用的时长: 1天

App works as expected, I am pleased with the functionality and the customization. I would recommend contacting the support if you run into any issues.

Jet Marketing USA - ECOM|Michael
使用应用的时长: 4天

I was recommended this app by Shopify support. Initially, I was very hesitant but I installed the app nonetheless. Even despite the non-existent reviews and lack of store examples. After installing it in my store, it left horrible red bars on all my blog posts. I need to check my pages to see if I have the same issue there. Let me save you some time and headache. Do not install this app.

AQ Online Ltd
使用应用的时长: 33分钟
Jump Links已回复 2021年8月3日

To fix that issue you simply need to click Run Engine, then accept both pop-ups. The first pop-up shows that the settings have been saved. The second pop-up shows that the engine is "done". Once this is finished the app will work perfectly fine.