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Table Of Contents For Blogs | Boost SEO, UX, & Time On Page

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Almost Effortless Installation

Table Of Contents App installs easily, has built in customizable design features, and automatically applies to all blog posts & articles.

Support SEO

Many SEO professionals believe that a Table Of Contents can improve time on site, search engine crawling, and even rankings.

Improve User Experience

Table Of Contents have become necessary for blogging due to the increased engagement and improved visitor experience.

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Add a Table of Contents to your blog. Support User Experience, SEO, Time On Page, and much more. This feature-centric app is an intuitive and easy way to generate and add a custom table of contents to all your blog.


  • Uses Headings in your content to create a Table of Contents
  • Design options make it possible to easily change the background color, border color, link color, bullet points or numbers, etc
  • Straightforward controls make it easy to select the location
  • Compatible with many Shopify & third party themes
  • Exclude specific blog posts one at a time
  • Smooth Scroll options allows perfect positioning
  • Direct interaction with an approachable development team makes it possible to request new features

Installation Instructions

For more information on this visit our Developer Website.

  1. After downloading the app the set up is very easy.
  2. To customize the look you can choose the table’s Header Text, adjust Color Settings, and select between Bullet Points or Numbers.
  3. Each time you add a new blog post be sure to click ***RUN ENGINE*** in the App settings & then ***SAVE***.
  4. The plugin will then automatically create a table of contents at the top of your blog post based on your Headers you selected (H1-H6).

The app runs on its own server. Therefore, it will not harm the speed of your page. This feature-centric plugin is an intuitive and easy way to generate and add a custom table of contents to all your content.

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  • Add A Table Of Contents To Blogs & Articles
  • Custom Color Design
  • Apply To All or Just Some Headings
  • Use Bullets or Numbers

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** Los cargos recurrentes, incluidos los costos mensuales o los cargos basados en el uso, se facturan cada 30 días.

3.1 con 5 estrellas

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Reseñas más recientes

Jet Marketing USA - ECOM|Michael

App works as expected, I am pleased with the functionality and the customization. I would recommend contacting the support if you run into any issues.

AQ Online Ltd

I was recommended this app by Shopify support. Initially, I was very hesitant but I installed the app nonetheless. Even despite the non-existent reviews and lack of store examples. After installing it in my store, it left horrible red bars on all my blog posts. I need to check my pages to see if I have the same issue there. Let me save you some time and headache. Do not install this app.

Respuesta del desarrollador

3 de agosto de 2021

To fix that issue you simply need to click Run Engine, then accept both pop-ups. The first pop-up shows that the settings have been saved. The second pop-up shows that the engine is "done". Once this is finished the app will work perfectly fine.