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Top Right

Developed by Top Right, Inc.

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  • Stand Out From The Crowd – use an enterprise class tool to make your email marketing messages unique and truly personalized.
  • Drive Market Leading ROI – use best practices or completely custom programs to drive sales that blow out the competition.
  • Be More Efficient - simplify and automate every part of your email marketing efforts.

Successful Shopify stores know that email marketing makes money. The best stores make their email marketing unique and grow sales faster than the rest. Top Right’s custom version of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud comes with all the data and know-how needed to whip the competition at a low entry price, easy setup and personalized service.

  • Increase Response Rate - welcome and convert new subscribers; recover carts; thank, reward and win­back customers; target based on past purchases and activity.

  • Save Time - point and click to create personalized messages and automate emails based on data and behaviors. Cross-sells, upsells, in-market, categories, best sellers, recommendations, people who bought “x” also bought “a,b,c”. There are no limits to the type of programs available.

  • Break Free From The Cookie Cutter - the enterprise level toolset powered by Top Right and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables you to customize any element of your program, NOT just follow along packaged wizards.

  • Get Guidance – hands-on onboarding, online help, phone support, whatever it takes to make sure the programs that drive results are in place and working for you. Since 2006, Top Right has helped hundreds of online stores generate $200,000,000 in online sales.

  • Focus On What Matters - reporting that looks beyond open and click helps improve programs based on sales! Integrate to popular analytics programs like Google Analytics or use Top Right’s built in revenue reports, the goal is always to do more of what works and improve what’s not.

  • Look To The Future - data is so valuable and can be used for targeting in Social and Mobile via applications found in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud or exported to deliver targeted messages on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and more.

  • Want To Do More? - Top Right can make any idea a reality because of its deep expertise in ecommerce, data and the very powerful, scalable and extendable Salesforce Marketing Cloud. There are no limits to the integrations, automations and extensions that can be done.

Ready to learn more?

Call Top Right at 888-587-2432 or drop us a line at sales@topright.com.


The application connects to Top Right's customized version of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and certain Editions of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


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