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Top Secret Promos

Top Secret Promos

Developed by Rocket Code

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  • Reward your best customers who actively engage with your brand online with truly exclusive promotions that only they can access and enjoy.
  • Grow your audience further by automatically redirecting unauthorized visitors to a destination page of your choice where they have the option to subscribe.
  • Track which exclusive promotions are working best by gaining access to click counts per top secret campaign link.

Top Secret Promos is a competitive advantage to any Shopify business serious about rewarding its customers for being loyal and engaged fans.


How do you reward your most loyal and engaged customers? How do you grow the size of that engaged audience? And how do you incentivize more engagement in ways that prove you truly value them as key customers?

Brands winning at ecommerce reward such engagement and spark more of it by offering exclusive promotions to key audience segments. Ensuring true exclusivity is difficult, however. And tracking the effectiveness of such campaigns is often a waste of time and money. Until now.

With Top Secret Promos, you have the power to quickly create exclusive promotions that are 100% inaccessible without a special short link—which also serves as a redirect tool to funnel unauthorized visitors into your online engagement channels: email, social media, or otherwise.


Share Your Top Secret Promos to Your Most Engaged Fans

You can share top secret promos in any form of audience engagement you like. Here are some proven ways brands use top secret promos to reward and spark engagement:

Email: Boost the value of your email marketing campaigns by adding a top secret promo link meant for their eyes only. Have more than one email list? Create unique campaigns per list or list segment to offer customized promos that can be tracked individually.

Social Media: Run an exclusive campaign for all your social media channels, or run separate campaigns for each social media channel to evaluate their individual effectiveness.

Paid Advertising: Incorporate a top secret link into your paid advertising to ensure that your promo is truly elite and that your ad dollars are working.

The Magic of Top Secret Promos

Top Secret Promos works by masking any link you like from your Shopify store with a special short link with hidden URL parameters.

The result: a product, collection, or other promotional page that is inaccessible except through the top secret short link. Now you can run truly exclusive promo campaigns.

Redirect Unauthorized Users Wherever You Want

What happens if someone shares the regular link to your promotional page? They’re automatically redirected to any destination URL you specify in the campaign.

How does that happen? The special URL parameters needed to access the page are hidden, so an unauthorized person trying to access the page is none the wiser. It’s like magic.

Smart brands redirect unauthorized users to a landing page of some kind inviting them to subscribe to their email list or follow them on social media. That’s a great way to further build your engaged audience. By default, unauthorized users are redirected to your homepage.


How It Works

You can be up and running with your first top secret promo in a matter of minutes. Just follow these five easy steps:

1. Configure a product, collection, or other kind of promotional page in your Shopify admin.

2. Copy and paste the URL to that promotional page into the Top Secrets Promos app.

3. Copy and paste the URL to the landing page you wish to redirect unauthorized users.

4. Save your promo campaign to generate the top secret short link to your promotional page.

5. Add your top secret short link to your marketing campaigns—email, social media, or other.

Get Started Now

Top Secret Promos is a snap to install and start using. Just follow the simple steps below to begin enjoying the promotional power of Top Secret Promos.

  1. Click "Get" at the top of this page and follow the prompts.

  2. Once Top Secret Promos is installed, read the welcome message to learn more about the app, then click the “Get Started” button. You’ll arrive on your dashboard.

  3. Next, click the “Create a promotion” button in the upper-right corner of the screen. Proceed to fill out the simple details for your top secret promotion.

  4. Once your promotion is ready to go, click the “Save Promotion” button. You’ll be redirected back to the dashboard where you can easily copy your new short link.

That’s it. Go forth and have fun creating top secret promos that your loyal customers will love.

Get Top Secret Promos Now

Click "Get" in the right-hand sidebar.

If you’re not already logged into your Shopify store account, you’ll be prompted to do so first. If you’re not yet a Shopify user, click here to sign up.

Top Secret Promos is available to all Shopify and Shopify Plus customers.


About Rocket Code

At Rocket Code, we're building the future of ecommerce.

We're proud to build solutions that fuel revenue and profit growth for clients such as Chubbies Shorts, 47 Brand, Strava, Spicely, and other best-in-class brands. And we’re proud to create our own Shopify apps like Perfect Promo and Simple Promo Bar that push forward the possibilities of ecommerce.

Whether we’re working on a client project or one of our apps, all of our work obsesses about performance-driven interfaces, rock-solid engineering, and complete user experiences that transform casual shoppers into loyal customers.

The Rocket Code team comprises an ambitious bunch of digital creatives: strategists, experience designers, web and mobile engineers, researchers, and communication specialists. Our specialities are united through a common cause: to help brands optimize the value of every customer interaction through qualified ecommerce innovations.

Rocket Code is honored to be a preferred Shopify Plus partner. We’ve achieved this level of trust because our work stays ahead of the curve and our work ethic outperforms the rest.

Our client work and apps are your unfair advantage.

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