Terms and Conditions Plus+

Terms and Conditions Plus+

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Terms and Conditions Checkbox in Cart Page/Ajax Cart

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Lighting fast response from the app on your storefront to ensure a seamless integration without any disruptions for your customers checkout


Comprehensive information visible on your order page if someone accepted (or not) your Terms of Service alongside timestamps for compliance


Customize app behaviour in every little detail: font size, text arrangement and colors for particular sections all without coding skills

Terms and Conditions Plus+ 정보

Are you selling high ticket products and have tailored Terms and Conditions that you want to present your customers with before they place an order? Or maybe you’re just looking for a quick and easy solution to surface your Terms and Conditions one more time before the customer proceeds to checkout.

Terms and Conditions is a quick and easy solution to present your Terms and Conditions to the customer prior to placing the order. Whether you have your own page with them, or if you want to configure them from within the application, or maybe you just want to display them from a 3rd party website, Terms and Conditions enables you to do so in a matter of a few clicks.


  1. Add a checkbox to your cart page; Or your ajax cart. We do both!
  2. Three different forms of showing your terms and conditions fully customizable in terms of text & behavior.
  3. Configure your Terms and Conditions text within the app.
  4. Enforce your Terms and Conditions checkbox before customers place their order and display a customizable warning text.
  5. Keep track of who & when agreed on your Terms and Conditions within the order page
  6. Fully customizable: Text, font size & colors to match your theme look & feel.
  7. Easy installation. No code required.

Need help?

Questions? We’re one email away. Feel free to reach out to us at any time and we’ll be more than happy to talk to you!

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Like this app. The only thing I would change is to allow the product to go to the cart after they agree to the terms and conditions. But it is a great app to have.

iHH Coronabedarf

App is bugged and does not register the checked box. Right now it is impossible to buy anything in my shop. I need help asap to continue selling in my shop!!

개발자 회신

2021년 8월 31일


As we've stated in the support chat that you've started with us (which has less than 24 hours after which you've decided to move forward with a 1* review without any facts):

The error you are experiencing on your website has nothing to do with the application.

You've been using TOS+ App for 3 months already and since we've changed nothing the only thing that might have changed was your store / theme / new apps.

I'd also love to see the app review section being used for what it is not as a support channel.



WORST customer service !!!! maybe because I'm on the free version, but no one helps me, two months emailing but no help. so I deleted the App .

개발자 회신

2021년 8월 31일

Well, although we do appreciate and learn something out of each of our customer's feedback, sometimes we have to call out any spiteful reviews, as this one.

I'll start by saying that the application is ONLY FREE, which is obviously an indication of the bad intentions behind the review, which is completely fine, since we value freedom of expression.

What we value more than that, are facts, and I will try to outline a couple of them:
1. You were not emailing for 2 months, you were barely in discussions with us for 19 days (screenshots proving this: https://i2.paste.pics/01da56c45398a559a16460d86cb9e585.png?trs=5da45b0fd5931e6381e6e00247a189695ed94d4b5f3624a2aef325571ac33d90)
2. We're treating all our customers equally. This being said, we are humans and subject to mistakes, but we manage to move forward through them.
3. Most of our support inquiries have a resolution time of 1h. Your case is "special" due to: incomplete information and lengthy reply times.
4. Increasing reply time to our support staff asking for important information needed to provide you with FREE support, is not doing any good to neither party.

We've also emailed you directly, to which we've received no answer, yet another indication that there is no clear intent in working towards a solution.