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Schema App Total Schema Markup

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Product Rich Snippets to Stand Out in Search with a Click

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Stand Out in Organic Search

Get Rich Snippets with Product Data, Reviews, and Availability resulting in higher click through rates and more sales...with one click!

Be Understood in Voice Search

Schema Markup is more than just Google Rich Snippets, it's about your store being understood by Search Engines and voice search.

Google Merchant Center Ready

We take care of optimizing your schema markup to meet Google Merchant Center requirements, so you don't have to worry about it.

Om Schema App Total Schema Markup

What does Schema App Total Schema Markup App do?

Schema App Total Schema Markup gives your store the most complete and accurate schema markup (in JSON-LD), so you can get higher click-throughs and conversions. All you have to do is install it and BAM! your store is optimized for Google, Bing AND Yahoo. We're the world's leading software company for this area of search and we've packaged all of our knowledge into this app. Once installed search engines will understand exactly what you are selling so they can find you more buyers.

Product Reviews Apps Supported

We have built-in support for reviews gathered with Yotpo Reviews (Paid), Product Reviews (Free) by Shopify, and This means that when you get a review from your customer, we'll update your schema markup automatically and in the way that Google recommends (embedded in your product information). Missing one? Tell us!

What else does Schema App Total Schema Markup optimize?

Schema App's Shopify plugin works with any theme and provides optimization for everything we can optimize on your site with the information you've already entered. This includes: * Products (all variations, features and prices) * Reviews and Ratings * Organization * Product Categories * Blog & BlogPostings * Articles

Advanced Plan gives the ability to optimize your other store content, through our world-leading Schema App platform. This allows you to optimize your store homepage, contact us, services, about us, locations, etc.

Schema App is the world's leading toolset for adding and managing comprehensive schema markup in JSON-LD for websites small and large. We are known for our expertise in Schema Markup. If you are looking for the most comprehensive schema markup App for Shopify, you’ve found it. On top of it all, we keep it fiercely up to date, so you can keep sales rolling in.

How do I install Schema App Total Schema Markup App?

Just install the App and you are done. No configuration is required. We use all the information you've already entered in Shopify to optimize your products, blogs, reviews, and categories, etc.

If you want to add custom schema markup to your other pages (homepage, contact page, about page, etc), upgrade to Advanced for Schema App tools and customize schema without any coding. Our world-class support team will also be there to make sure you get things optimized and working for you.

Details About Schema Markup Created by Schema App Total Schema Markup App

We're experts in Schema Markup. So within the app, we've detailed out what data we are using in Shopify to optimize your store for the search engines, voice search etc. It is there in case you want proof that we are the most comprehensive advanced app for schema markup.

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  • Optimize your products, Products, Categories, Reviews, Ratings, Blogs and Articles with one click. Just install and you are done!



  • Core features, plus access to Schema App Software as a Service tools to optimize non product, article and blog pages.

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Pruno y Fifi (EU)

Great support team. Make sure you get your onboarding call if this is your first step into the world of Structured Data ;)

Vape and Juice

After some initial hiccups the support team resolved my concerns in a formidable manner and have even helped hands on with our schema. Incredibly thorough. I am a happy user


Very slow support. Almost 2 weeks later and still no resolution.