Search & Replace Products

Search & Replace Products

by ToucanStar

Search and replace text easily across all your products.

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8 reviews

Kat Scrappiness

It doesn't work I tried to edit product descriptions and followed the instructions. It's hard to choose the products when you have a large number of products and then it just doesn't change anything.


I just used this to find and replace one small change in a number of places.
I just lost a whole ton of formatting that I had just completed.

There is a toggle switch to toggle find replace style HTML or plain text.
When the toggle switch reads HTML it will replace using plain text.

I did this and resulted with a bunch of product descriptions with a block of unformulated plain text, all my carriage returns and all formatting had gone.
This was very frustrating.

Was prepared to buy the product and use on the odd occasion but it looks like I'm best to to all updates manually.


i wanted an app where i could locate the same content in each item and then change or delete the text. Seemed relatively easy as per the instructions, and i have used ms word find and/or replace function a thousand times before without issue. I read the warning 'best to back up your data' before proceeding. However that want important to me - as i wanted to delete this content anyway. So i pasted the text i wanted deleted. into this apps find box - and it located 90 odd products. It then asked what i would like to replace this content with or just delete the text. I selected delete the text. To my amazement on checking the product items after wards - it deleted everything!!! all product descriptions gone! I couldn't believe it. And i didnt even hear back from their help desk, and it only took me a week to get descriptions done again! And as i said i have used find and replace functions many times before so not user error, nayve instructions


A big thank you to the developers of this app. The new feature added to this app, bulk product description html search/replace, is an enormously powerful capability and appears to be unique to this app. The feature worked very well for us and while the text field for accepting the "replace' html text was small, it actually accepted a very large html table allowing us to do large amounts of html replacement. The app worked on the first try and saved us days of work. The app is a "keeper" and very reasonably priced. As with any tool such as this, always use a backup app to backup your site before running it and test first. We had no issues at all with the app, we are just pointing this out to be on the safe side.

Yourturnkeystore 243

This app does what it claims. I find I very easy to use and would recommend it for all. I wish I could process more than 250 items at once.


Hi, Tried this app for 20min and I like it as it did what I needed or almost.. some products it was not able to load on the list, but it did load most and I was able to Search & Replace on the pages it loaded.

Gun Parts Usa

Excellent app for saving hours and hours of time. Easy to use.

Emoji Tees

liked it. I had only a single use case so i did not actually buy it. But it works well for what it does.