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Search and replace text easily across all your products.

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This app allows you to search and replace text within your product titles, sku, vendors, tags, price, color, size and product types. For instance, when you have imported your products from another e-commerce solution there are often corrections you would like to make to multiple products. This tool allows you to do just that by providing search and replace text.

You can change the same text across multiple fields or just alter one field. After entering your search and replace criteria, you can even unselect individual rows to ensure your changes only apply to the products you want.

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2.6 de 5 estrelas

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Buy Attire (

This app is not automated. furthermore, it forces "takes uppercase and lowercase into account". Meaning you have to manually type in variations of the word/s you want to replace many times to get one term properly replaced.

Additionally I have contacted their support to get them to disable the payment contract before the trial period ended, but they failed to do so and have not yet contacted me and I have been charged for a faulty app.

Additionally, I've contacted them twice, they don't verify they received your support request and have not contacted me in 3 days (or ever).

Please withdraw this product from Shopify, bad service doesn't work and even when you put through and replace all variations of a word/s you want to replace, it fails and does not replace all instances of the term you type in.


Can someone from Shopify please contact me? I need a refund and my payments terminated from this app but the developers are not contacting me so I have no alternative but to seek a reasonable and proportionate outcome from Shopify staff.

Resposta do desenvolvedor

26 de junho de 2019

Thank you for your feedback on our App and for helping us to understand your issue directly.

Currently the App only supports updating the page of products that are shown on the screen. Increasing the number of products shown or going to the next page and doing the same search and replace terms will allow you to change all products in the store.

We aim to make this experience better in the next release which will be worked on over the next few months.

Kat Scrappiness

It doesn't work I tried to edit product descriptions and followed the instructions. It's hard to choose the products when you have a large number of products and then it just doesn't change anything.

Resposta do desenvolvedor

26 de junho de 2019

Thank you for your feedback and for helping with our support questions.

At the current time our descriptions section of the find and replace tool does not handle embedded youtube videos in the description html, one embedded video causes the list to stop loading products. We aim to improve this in the next version of the App.


I just used this to find and replace one small change in a number of places.
I just lost a whole ton of formatting that I had just completed.

There is a toggle switch to toggle find replace style HTML or plain text.
When the toggle switch reads HTML it will replace using plain text.

I did this and resulted with a bunch of product descriptions with a block of unformulated plain text, all my carriage returns and all formatting had gone.
This was very frustrating.

Was prepared to buy the product and use on the odd occasion but it looks like I'm best to to all updates manually.