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Postcard Marketing by Touchcard

Postcard Marketing by Touchcard

Developed by Iterator Ltd

17 reviews
Price: From $0.99 / month More info
  • Automated postcards printed and mailed for you
  • Use generated unique coupon codes with expiration dates
  • Raise the lifetime value of each customer by surprising them with a REAL postcard

Automate real postcards to surprise your customers

  • Automatically send a postcard to the mailbox of your customer that they can touch and hold. Send a coupon, a thank you or a backstage look at your business!

  • Stay top of mind by reminding customers of your store in a creative way a few weeks after purchase. These are the buds of a good relationship!

  • Increase the value of each customer and improve all your marketing efforts. When each customer is worth more, you can spend more to get new customers!

  • Easy setup. All mailing and printing is done for you with each domestic card at 99 cents or less.
  • See how Tradlands.com generated $5,742 in Sales for just $160!

    What They're Saying about Touchcard ✍

    ★★★★★ "Generated over $10,000 in sales for us."

    ★★★★★ "Love this idea! Dustin and his team put together a great Christmas campaign."

    ★★★★★ "Highly recommend this app if you want to stand out from your competition"

    Beat the Crowded Email Box

    Rise to the ranks of the bigger stores by sending real mail. Surprise your customers and stay engaged with them after their purchase.

    Automated Expiring Coupon Codes

    Set the expiration date for coupons and we'll create and send unique codes to each customer. No more worrying about your coupons ending up on discount code sites because each coupon is unique for every customer.

    Filter by Purchase Amount

    Send postcards only to customers who spent over a certain amount to maximize your return and target only high value relationships.

    Request a Free Sample Postcard ✈︎


    ♡ An Example of How It Works ♡

    Joe is a high value customer and spends $152 at your store. Two weeks later he gets a card thanking him from the founder and giving him 10% off. He's excited and surprised to have received a real postcard and puts it on his desk ♡. He realizes he has to buy a gift for his wife and sees that the card expires in one week. He makes another purchase giving you another $100 to your store.

    This worked because you setup Touchard on your store to send 10% off to any new customer who spends over $50. You customized the postcard to be sent two weeks after purchase and for the coupon to expire one week after that. This all cost you 99 cents and happens automatically for any new customers.


    Smart Features and Customizations

    • Include or exclude international buyers

    • Completely customize the card, delay, coupon price and expiration date

    • Filters to send only to customers who spent over a certain amount of money

    • Dashboard to see if a customer has made a second purchase
    • We're here to help!

      Have questions? Just send an email to info@touchcard.co or install the app and chat with us!

Postcard Marketing by Touchcard reviews

17 reviews
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  5. 1 star (0 reviews)

Great app. I wish they offered predesigned cards.



Love this idea! Dustin and his team put together a great Christmas campaign to send to a segment of our top customers for 2016.

We've already seen a return of 2.5x on our investment. Would definitely use their service again.


Saves time! www.randomswag.com


Awesome app and fits perfect with our business model! Dustin designed a super cool post card that matches our brand for us! Thanks.


Currently using Touchcard and it has been really great. We've generated thousands in revenue in a short time and are excited about this app. I like being able to send automated physical postcards to new customers and bringing them back for another sale in a short amount of time.

I'm excited to see how this app grows in the future and we can start testing different offers, graphics, segmentation.

Highly recommend this app if you want to stand out from your competition by showing up in your customers physical mailbox with a thank you note and potential discount after their purchase.


Generated over $10,000 in sales for us.

Touchcard is a great app and allows you to build a personal relationship with your customers while also increasing loyalty.

We spent a lot of time going back and fourth with the team and they were super responsive! Touchcard really wants you to have the best campaign possible.

Totally worth the $$$ and we'll be using them for the long run!!!


We always wanted to send postcards to customers but could not find any easy way to implement it. Touchcard completely automated the process and the best part is each post card has an individual code. We can can easily track customers that are buying for a second time. We are extremely happy with the returns we are getting with the post cards. It works great - Highly Recommended!

From $0.99 / month

Cards are .99 cents or less sent in the USA. And $1.99 internationally. All printing and mailing included. http://touchcard.co/

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