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24. Mai 2023

Love TPOP, works pretty well most of the time. The quality of the clothing is really great. My only gripe is sometimes the UI lets me down and hangs when I am creating products.

Lennox & Co
Vereinigte Staaten
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24. Mai 2023

I really like the little steps they take into consideration, tpop help step by step and really cute, even though organic,tpop is inexpensive, I haven’t really use the website much,I can only say as a first time user, let see how the quality will look like when my order comes, the sticker is a great idea, I will say more later after getting used to Tpop. I really hope the shipping process could be faster, with that, tpop will have lot of more users.

So lange wurde die App verwendet: 4 tage
28. März 2023

J'utilise TPOP depuis quelques semaines et je suis très contente de cette plateforme. Quelques petits manques ( grille tarifaire précise des produits ) mais dans l'ensemble j'en suis très satisfaite. Le SAV est également réactif et efficace. Par contre je trouve les tarifs textile moyennement attractifs et j'ai hâte que de nouveaux produits ( non textiles ) soient proposés !

Hey Minoe
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22. Juli 2022

This app is really good, offers high quality eco-friendly products. I chatted with Christopher to resolve a problem and they reply and help me very quickly and professionally, in less then 7 minutes they resolve the problem. I gave it 4 stars because there's still room for improvements, the catalogue needs some more product and the customization can be improved. But overall is a great app, I wish I could give a bit more, like 4.5 or 4.7 stars

So lange wurde die App verwendet: 6 monate
TPOP hat geantwortet 22. Juli 2022

Thank you for taking the time to write this complete review!
We're super-glad you were happy with the management of your issue.
Concerning the areas to improve...
Well, the customiser and the catalog are precisely what we're working on at the moment, and everything should be ready in no time! We hope you'll feel like our platform deserves 5 full stars after that. Stay tuned!
Have a wonderful weekend.

23. Juni 2022

The products are top-quality, and customer support also. TPop people are very helpful, kind and quick to respond and resolve any issues. I only made my first sales, but so far I'm delighted and would recommend their service to anyone.

So lange wurde die App verwendet: 12 monate
TPOP hat geantwortet 22. Juli 2022

OH, this is such an awesome review to read right before the weekend! Many, many thanks to you.
Our customer service team will be delighted to hear you were satisfied with their help.
We hope your first sale was the first of a long, fructuous series. Have a GREAT day!

13. April 2022

Très bonne appli de print on demand. Quelques bugs mineurs lors de la création de produits mais sinon rien à signaler ! Les produits sont vraiment beau !

My Wedshirt
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TPOP hat geantwortet 20. April 2022

Merci à vous pour ce gentil mot ! On sélectionne nos produits avec le plus grand soin, cela fait donc plaisir de voir que cet effort est reconnu. Si vous rencontrez le moindre bug, n'hésitez-pas à joindre le support technique (, ils seront heureux de pouvoir vous assister.
On vous souhaite une excellente semaine.

31. Januar 2022

Je trouve l'appli très bien faite, une fois qu'on s'est familiarisé avec ;) Le fait qu'il s'agisse d'une entreprise française et éco-responsable est essentiel pour moi. J'aimerais qu'il y ait plus de choix dans les produits. Comme je débute, j'aurais peut-être d'autres remarques par la suite mais je recommande T-Pop :)

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TPOP hat geantwortet 26. Februar 2022

Merci pour ce super avis, nous sommes heureux de partager les mêmes valeurs que vous.

Concernant les produits, on peut vous faire une promesse : une quantité incroyable - vraiment - de nouveaux produits arrive dans peu de temps, de toutes nouvelles gammes top qualité et uniques sur le marche.
De même, de nouvelles fonctionnalités sont en phase de test, pour un lancement sous peu également, on espère que cela vous plaira.

A bientôt,
bon week-end à vous.

26. November 2021

I used this app to create a host of products for my online store. I like how this company's values are in-line with mine; that was very difficult to achieve. I do wish their system was a bit faster at processing clicks and prompts, but I understand I'm likely working on a server so I can only expect so much. Still, because I'm working with such a HUGE amount of stock, changing little things can get very tedious very quickly. All in all, this is an AMAZING platform. Highly recommend. They even send out super helpful emails - I usually HATE spam email but these guys have actually helped me build a better site, just by sharing some free advice. Very kind, very helpful. Love these guys.

So lange wurde die App verwendet: 11 monate
TPOP hat geantwortet 3. Dezember 2021

Many thanks for this very complete review! It's truly uplifting to read that some of our partners share similar values as us.
Concerning the loading times, our app was mostly thought for punctual, on-demand orders; that would explain why your clicks and prompts can take longer to be processed. Still, we're glad to know that you are satisfied with our platform.

Regarding our emails, we will pass the message through our communication team! They'll be glad to know that they are read and appreciated, they put a whole lot of heart into writing those.

Have a wonderful POD experience, and know that we love you too (loads).

3. August 2021

The app is easy to use and to integrate with Shopify. It would be good if you could make changes in designinfo after publiched in store. Perhaps it will come later. Easy to order, quick replyes with emails contact. Nice with just organic clothing. Thats number one. Can get prints wit human error, but they sent new it if should be a problem. Quick deliveries, that is importand for the customers! I hope the baby bodies can be thinner in the cottonfabric, 150 grams or less. Also I would love small cotton oranic leggings for small children.
I am glad that I found this app for production i Europe!

Tess Enarsson Design
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 3 monate
TPOP hat geantwortet 9. August 2021

Thank you for your pleasant remarks.
We're glad you found us!
To make our users feel truly supported and helped, that's definitely one of the top priorities of our team, and it's nice to see that you highlighted that point.

Concerning the design info changes, we have been looking into it but the coding process is very complex: it will be put online in the next big update.

Stay tuned, we will definitely let you know of any updates.

4. Juni 2021

Regarding the service and the effort from this app I would give a five +, however I cannot because we would sell much more if the sizes where bigger... A lot of our customers are +size and for these customers even size XL is too small.. the idea, ecofriendlyness is superb but please consider to make bigger sizes <3

So lange wurde die App verwendet: 9 monate
TPOP hat geantwortet 4. Juni 2021

Thanks for your GREAT review :-)
Unfortunately, as far as sizes are concerned, this is a subject on which we don't really have any action possible: the manufacturers on the European market have very little stock in large sizes.
Therefore, the supply is not possible and we regret it very much, as you do.
We are trying to change things at our level, we also find this situation sad.

It seems that this year, the manufacturers will take over and offer a really important stock on the bigger sizes.

As soon as they do, we will add them with the greatest of pleasure :-)

Have a nice day!