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2023년 1월 29일

Track123 is a must have app for your website, it truly does wonders with all the options it has. Dynamically setting up everything you'd need for a more professional look. Also fast contact support from their team. I will continue using this and recommend it to more people. Can't wait to see what more updates will be coming to this.

Checkout Fitness
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2023년 3월 21일

I recently had the opportunity to try out this service and I must say I was quite impressed. The customer service was top-notch and the staff were very knowledgeable and helpful. They were able to answer all of my questions and provide me with the information I needed in a timely manner. The service itself was also very good - it was fast, efficient, and reliable. Overall, I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is looking for a quality experience. It's clear that the company places a high value on customer satisfaction and they definitely delivered. I look forward to using their services again in the future.

The Bathing Emporium
앱 사용 기간 28일
2023년 9월 22일

I must say, Track123 is an incredibly useful and user-friendly application. It's simply excellent! It provides a hassle-free way for customers to track their shipments with ease. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a convenient solution to stay updated on their deliveries.

What sets Track123 apart is its intuitive interface, making it effortless to input and monitor multiple shipments. The real-time tracking information is accurate and up-to-date, giving users peace of mind knowing where their packages are at all times.

Furthermore, the app offers timely notifications, ensuring you never miss an important update about your deliveries. It's an indispensable tool for anyone who relies on timely shipments, whether for personal or business purposes.

In summary, Track123 is a must-have app for anyone seeking a reliable and efficient way to keep tabs on their deliveries. It's an absolute game-changer when it comes to package tracking, and I can't recommend it enough

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2023년 8월 21일

I'd like to express my sincere admiration for Track123 - an absolutely astounding tracking platform that has exceeded my expectations. Since I started using Track123, my experience with tracking packages and shipments has been taken to a whole new level.

The user-friendliness of Track123 is simply impressive. From the very beginning, I was captivated by the intuitive interface and the ease with which I could track my packages. The information is clear and well-presented, keeping me always informed about the current status of my shipments.

What truly stood out is the incredible speed and accuracy of the updates. It's almost as if Track123 has a magical insight into the exact location of my packages. This has provided me with an incredible peace of mind, especially when I was expecting important items. The ability to set up real-time notifications for status changes has made the process even more seamless.

But it's not just the functionality that has impressed me. The customer service of Track123 deserves a special mention as well. Every question I had was answered promptly and professionally. It feels like they genuinely care about their users and are going above and beyond to provide a great experience.

Overall, Track123 has amazed me with its outstanding performance, speed, and overall user experience. If you're in search of a tracking platform that surpasses expectations and gives you peace of mind with every shipment, I highly recommend Track123. It has exceeded my expectations in every way, and I'm tremendously grateful for the peace of mind it has provided me. Bravo, Track123!

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2023년 5월 3일

I was having some tracking issues - the individual who assisted me was not only quick to reply but quite helpful, including screenshots with his explanations to ease the process, also gave me some information and tips on how to avoid this issue in the future ( should never be an issue again, to clarify ) it's also almost 9PM in my country and I wanted to get this resolved as soon as I was able so my customers didn't get upset. Very nice app, very helpful people on here. 10/10

Park Avenue Collections
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2022년 12월 31일

Great app, I have no trouble to setup and customize it. The guide they has post on line is easy to understand and no programmer is required. The only thing I wish they can improve is live update on delivery status with carrier at same time: I had a package delivered by Canada Post and send me a notification says the package has been delivered, but, the app was not able to update right way.
Overall, the update history has actually more details than Canada Post. This is a really great app. Totally recommend it.

Viral Emart
앱 사용 기간 대략 22시간
2023년 1월 30일

I recently started using Track123 as my go-to tracking app, and I couldn't be happier with it! The app is incredibly user-friendly, with a sleek and intuitive interface that makes it easy to track anything from packages to personal tasks. The real-time updates feature is particularly impressive, allowing me to stay on top of my deliveries and never miss a beat.

The app also has a great set of features that help me stay organized, such as the ability to set reminders and add notes to my deliveries. This has made my life so much easier, as I no longer have to worry about forgetting to follow up on a delivery or missing an important deadline.

I also love that Track123 is available on both iOS and Android, so I can access it from anywhere and stay on top of my deliveries no matter where I am. The app is also highly rated by other users, which gives me confidence that I made the right choice in choosing Track123.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Track123 to anyone who needs a reliable and user-friendly tracking app. The app has exceeded all of my expectations, and I am confident that it will do the same for you!

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2022년 10월 30일에 편집됨

I just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know how much I love your app. I recently switched over from RUSH tracking app and I couldn't be happier. Your app is so user-friendly and easy to navigate. I can't wait to see what new features you come out with in the future! I also wanted to mention that I noticed you will be introducing a paid plan in December. I hope that the pricing won't be too prohibitive, as I would hate to have to switch back to another app. Regardless, I want to thank you for creating such an amazing product and I can't wait to see what else you have in store!

Reyrr Athletics
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2023년 9월 26일

Hey there fellow Shopify seller! I wanted to share my experience with Track123 – it's been a real game-changer for my store. If you're looking to step up your customer service game, this app is a lifesaver.

First off, it's super user-friendly. Your customers won't have any trouble navigating it, and that's a big plus for keeping them happy.

But here's the real magic: real-time notifications. They've cut down on customer questions and support requests for me big time. Plus, the app gives accurate delivery estimates, so customers know when to expect their orders.

Security is a big deal, and Track123 takes it seriously. Your customers' info is safe and sound.

So, if you want to boost customer satisfaction and keep them coming back, give Track123 a shot. It's been a winner for me!

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2023년 2월 23일

Installed easily and integrated well into the Shopify FLOW so we can email customers the day after their order is actually delivered. Added the tracking page to the top navigation bar which will make it easier for customers to track their order by Order number.

Pos-Hardware Ltd
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