Trackhive ‑ FREE Track, Notify

Trackhive ‑ FREE Track, Notify


Unlimited FREE Tracking, Branded Tracking Page & Notification

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👌🏼 All Tracking in One Place

Trackhive integrates with multiple carriers to keep your all tracking in one page. All shipment tracking in FREE.

❤️ Branded Tracking Page

Create HTML based custom branded tracking page completely FREE. Included all marketing material to up-sell or cross sell.

📢 Customer Notification

Create rule based automation to notify your customer on different events like status updates, expected delivery date etc.

有關 Trackhive ‑ FREE Track, Notify

With Trackhive - Track all your shipments from one place!

Our shipment tracking platform for online retailers has rich features to ease their shipment hassles and allows them to focus on doing more business.

Auto-updates & notifications

We make it possible for you to keep your customers engaged with proactive shipment updates in real-time. Trackhive sends notifications upon any changes in the delivery status. You will get and can also send shipment notifications to your customers via email, SMS, and mobile app notifications.

Latest delivery status

Get an instant shipment delivery status as and when the parcel moves from one point to the other. Latest updates enable you to track your shipment in real-time and also provide real-time notifications to your customers and sellers. The live delivery status also allows you to keep a tab on all your parcel returns in case if the receiver is not able to receive the parcel.

Auto-detect couriers

Handling multiple shipments in a day can be a challenge, more so, if you don’t remember the service provider for all your different couriers? Don’t worry, we have got it covered for you. Our system auto-detects the service provider by simply identifying the tracking ID. So now you don’t have to worry about remembering the service provider every time you ship a parcel.

Custom shipping collateral

Stand-up to all that your brand represents by customizing your shipping collaterals. Trackhive allows you to customize your shipment package, shipping label templates, print in customized formats, etc. So now you can use your company logo on all the shipping collaterals resulting in better brand recall value among your customers.

On-the-go interface

Track your shipment no matter where you are! Trackhive facilitates in keeping a check over your couriers from any devices like your mobile phone, tablet, laptop. The tracking details can be accessed by multiple people within your organization as well as your customers. Hence, giving you better control over sharing the courier tracking details with several people at a time. Get an awesome user experience with our user-friendly interface that is compatible with all communication devices.


  • UPS,
  • Australia Post,
  • USPS,
  • FedEx,
  • DHL,
  • DPD





3.7 5 顆星

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Boujee Beauty

I gave this app the benefit of the doubt and gave it a chance even though some of the reviews were bad. It actually met my expectations and performed perfectly! Also reached out to staff who quickly fixed an issue for me.

Common Bunny

Pathetic App doesn't do anything you can't even delete the app properly and they don't even reply to any customer queries, totally waste of time. (they also send you "Shipment Summary Report" with no data everyday)

People's Club

Ive been playing around with diff tracking apps for about 2 days now and this is probably the best free one out there. It supports much more shipping carriers than in the description, you can get the full carrier list through their API and I was pleasantly surprised to see many more carriers than listed in the description above. One downside is that the tracking page is hosted on a different domain, however, luckily you can get around this. They do provide a JSON api where you can get the tracking timeline, so you can technically create your own page and custom template in shopify and use the API for fully custom tracking page on your own domain. It would be better if the app just installed the template into shopify that can be included into any page, like many other apps do. It would be good if the app installed the email templates in this fashion as well (as part of the theme), so that they can be edited along with other liquid files via the Shopify interface or locally for developers using Themekit. For the custom tracking page, the API route is more work but if you're a developer it shouldnt be too difficult. Overall great app given for free, thank you very much.