Trackiest ‑ Shipping Tracking

Trackiest ‑ Shipping Tracking

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Track Your Packages. Anywhere. Anytime.

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Easy to set up

No coding, setup configuration required. You’ll get a URL and simple instructions on how to add it to your store navigation.

Customizable tracking page

Choose your colors, fonts, texts, and messages. 100% translatable to fit your customers language.

Quick and friendly support

We’ll help you with any questions regarding product use, configurations, customer questions, and other issues.

Su Trackiest ‑ Shipping Tracking

Tired of customer queries about unknown order status? Automatically notify customers about the order status and allow them to check it themselves with a dedicated ‘Track Your Order’ page on your store.

Increase customer satisfaction while saving time and money on customer service.


  • Customizable Tracking page - choose colors and fonts to match your website design style.
  • Translation - you can translate all app messages into your own language
  • Dropshipping? You’ll be able to hide the country of origin for the products you sell
  • Improve SEO - tracking happens in your store instead of the carrier’s site
  • Easy&secure user experience - Allow customers to track shipments by order number and email, or tracking number
  • Supports 500+ carriers - real-time package lookup for Worldwide carriers (including Chinese): Aliexpress, China Post (ePacket), China EMS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, Cainiao and more.
  • Notifications - Tell your customers where the order is and when it arrives via email or text notifications before they ask.
  • Responsive design - will ensure a seamless experience to your users when using different screen size devices.
  • On-demand mode - an economical mode that saves you money by using credits only for orders that your customers searched for on the tracking page

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4.7 stelle su 5

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My only wish was that, when a package is delivered, notify me somehow. Otherwise, this is a cool app!


Love the app, and I would give 5 stars but it doesn't notify us when we put a wrong tracking number.


Keeps me updated on all my parcels. A few delays in shipping info sometimes but thats not the app's fault.